ARM 9 iPad Clone Coming Soon!

Another iPad Android clone

Rockchip Microelectronics are know for their ARM based mp4 players , but this is all about to change if their iPad clone comes out looking the way it does.

Rockchip’s iPad will run an ARM 9 based processor at a clock speed of 600Mhz, while this may not be up to the iPad’s 1GHz A4, Rockchip are positive the CPU will provided more than enough processing power for most multi media duties, from HD video encoding to browsing the web.

Gizchina News of the week

The 7 inch screened device will run Google’s android operating system and will more than likely feature multi-touch gestures and gravity based input through accelerometers.
Looking at the concept pictures the case will be aluminum with a brushed finish. The sides of the concept house various plugs, USB, headphone sockets, plus what looks to be either a SIM card slot or SD reader.

The Apple logo is likely on there for hype, although it could possibly sneak out on to the market with the shiny fruit embezzled across the back.
Of all the iPad clones we’ve come across this is the one we’re going to watch very closely!

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