Asus To Launch 4 ‘Mac Air Thin’ Ultrabooks Next Week

asus ux21 ultrabook
The Asus UX21 will be one of the Ultrabooks launched next week.


If you are in the market for an affordable ultra-thin, super light laptop with solid state drive and a fantastic design you may want to keep you money in your pockets until next week to see what Asus have in store for us.

Gizchina News of the week

The netbook giant is rumored to be readying 4 ultrabook computers for a launch which could be as early as next week!

According to sources close to Asus the 4 ultra compact netbooks will range from $999 for the 11.5-inch model with 12bGB SSD and will top out with the fully equipped $1499 13.3-inch ultrabook with 256GB SSD and core i7 CPU.

However if you can hold out a little longer insiders say the $999 model is likely to be reduced to an even more affordable $899 to compete with models rival Acer has planned.

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