Asus Transformer Get A Thorough Preview

asus transformer prime specification,asus transformer prime details,asus transformer prime launch,asus transformer prime previewAh, the Asus Transformer Prime! Quite simply our favorite Ice-cream Sandwich flavoured tablet, and it’s coming this December!
But what will Asustek’s latest Transforming, Eeepad, diva have to offer us when it finally hit’s shelves?

Tech boffin and all round good guy Hubert Nguyen over at Ubergizmo, has thoroughly picked through all the rumors to get at all the facts and truth about the 10.1 inch Android Ice-cream Sandwich tablet. It’s a great read and I really do recommend you take a good look at it, but if you really can’t tear yourself away from Gizchina I have posted the highlights out below.

Asus Transformer Prime Specification.

The spec of a tablet can really make or brake the product, not just in the performance stakes but more importantly the bragging rights! Thankfully, the Prime really lives up to it’s namesake and will have your friends green with tech envy!


The look!

asus transformer prime eeepad,asus transformer prime leak,asus transformer prime images,asus transformer prime hands on,asus transformer prime release date,asus transformer prime priceThe Transformer Prime will come in two classy brushed metal colours which mimic the Asus Zenbook’s look quite well. Size wise the Prime is pretty thin at only 8.3mm thick. I wonder if the Prime is to thin and am interested to see how well that thin alloy body will spread the heat from the Quad-core Tegra 3 powerhouse sitting inside.

Super IPS Screen

asus transformer prime screen,asus transformer prime super ips screen,asus transformer prime release dateApple have used IPS screens in both iPads to date, but Asus are taking it up a notch with the Transformer Prime and are using a SUPER IPS screen! Not only do you level up in the bragging stakes by owning the Prime, but you will also benefit from a superior screen that is up to 1.5 times brighter than other tablets, and features a much wider 178 degree viewing angle.

The Camera

asus transformer prime hands on,asus transformer prime preview,asus transformer prime review,asus transformer prime cameraTablet cameras usually fall in to two categories, terrible or poor! Asus again have out done themselves with the Prime’s cameras which feature a rather high-end f2.4 aperture which should help make for some great photos!


asus transformer prime battey,asus transformer prime dock,asus transformer prime battery lifeThe iPad was always the benchmark for battery life, but the EeePad Transformer Prime blows it’s doors off. Where as the iPad 2 can hold a charge for 10 hours with a dual-core CPU, the Prime can last for 18 hours with a Quad-core unit humming away!


The Asus Transformer Prime seriously looks like it could really change the face of the current tablet market. It is extremely well priced at only $499 and has the ultimate Android tablet hardware specification!

We can’t wait to get our hand on the Asus Transformer Prime when it is released in December!

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    Do I dare buy a Transformer prime?