HTC Cybertron and Other Cool New Phones Leaked!

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If the thought of getting your hands on Asus’s Transformer Prime Android tablet, doesn’t get your inner Transformer geek going, what about a HTC Cybertron smartphone?Gadget blog PocketNow received the below list of rumored code names for HTC handsets a few months ago, but wisely held on to it before getting more background on the reported leaked list and try to authenticate it’s claims.

After a few new phones with names matching those on the list started turning up, they soon popped the full list up for everyone to take a look.

While the list only mentions the code names of the devices, it’s likely that most of the names on the list refer to a future Android phone with more than a couple being full on Android Ice-cream Sandwich machines. Also we wouldn’t find it too difficult to believe that a couple of the names below also point at Quad-core Tegra 3 phones from HTC.

And there is also the possibility that HTC could be planning to strengthen their relationship with Microsoft and launch a couple of Windows Mango or Tango handsets.

That’s not to mention the possible 4G LTE phones on the list!

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The list features 35 possible new HTC handset names but the ones which stick out in our minds are the HTC Cybertron, HTC Fighter, HTC Prime, HTC Omega, HTC Splendor and HTC Tube (YouTube phone?).

List of leaked HTC code names

  1. HTC Act
  2. HTC Alpha
  3. HTC Bliss
  4. HTC Blue
  5. HTC Cybertron
  6. HTC Edge
  7. HTC Elite
  8. HTC Eternity
  9. HTC Fighter
  10. HTC Fit
  11. HTC Flick
  12. HTC Glider
  13. HTC Grande
  14. HTC Holiday
  15. HTC Jet
  16. HTC Key
  17. HTC Layer
  18. HTC Omega
  19. HTC Pico
  20. HTC Pop
  21. HTC Prime
  22. HTC Quattro
  23. HTC Radiant
  24. HTC RTP
  25. HTC Ruby
  26. HTC Runnymede
  27. HTC Splendor
  28. HTC Square
  29. HTC Tag
  30. HTC Tahiti
  31. HTC Tube
  32. HTC Veloce
  33. HTC Vigor
  34. HTC Villa
  35. HTC Vitesse
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Which are your favorite HTC code names?
Via: Ubergizmo

Source: Pocketnow

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