Knock off Macbook Pro Launched in time for Christmas in Festive Red...

Knock off Macbook Pro Launched in time for Christmas in Festive Red and Silver!


red macbook pro china

There have been plenty of knock off, clone, fake and Shanzhai Apple products released over the year. From iPhone 4s to amazing Macbook Air clones! But we rarely get to see a Macbook Pro knock-off!

This Macbook Pro clone from Shenzhen Rahway, looks just like the 13.3-inch Macbook Pro I am currently typing on now. Even the construction features high tech (for Shanzhai) alloy and magnesium materials, giving the 20mm thick clone an overall weight of only 1.4 kg  (3.08 pounds).

Actually, at 20mm thick this Macbook Pro clone is actually around 4mm thinner than a real Macbook Pro, but still thicker than a Macbook Air (or a MBA clone). However, to get this alloy, Apple embossed laptop so thin, they have had to omit the optical drive.

chinese macbook pro cloneAlso the specification is far from Pro, and more like ‘better than average ultrabook’. The CPU is a dual core 1.8ghz Intel Atom unit, there is 2GB RAM, 320GB hard drive, a built in web camera and a rather measly 38mm mAh battery.

Visuals are taken care of by a 13.3 inch back-lit screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768.

As mentioned above the chassis is made of alloy and even features a back-lit Apple logo on the lid!

light up power button macbook proThe power button also lights up, and the keyboard is the same design as all of Apple’s current laptops.

macbook pro knock off hands onUnderneath things being to look drastically different from the neat Apple design, with this knock off Pro’s bottom been littered with vents and various doors with open up to reveal USB, HDMI our and headphone jack.

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As with the real Macbook Pro this knock off comes in the standard bare alloy look, but also in this rather festive anodised red colour!

Knock off Macbook Pro image gallery

Prices are super cheap with basic models costing as little as 1750 Yuan! ($275)

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Source: shanzhaiben

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  • Gizchina

    The biggest question yet not answered.. will it run OSX (and not hacked OSX aka OSX86) ??

    • When I’ve played about with making Hackintosh laptops the most problematic part is the graphics card. I will have to find out which this uses, but if it has the same GMA950 graphics chip as the old white Macbooks (as many cheaper laptops and netbooks have) then getting Snow Leopard to run on it should be pretty easy.

  • Mac OS X inside? That is the most important thing!!!

    • Nope not natively. It will come with Windows 7. But a Hackintosh could be possible.

  • No doubt Apple is the one of the best provider of iphone, ipad, smartphones, macbook. Apple is a branded name & always launch something stunning consumer gadget. I love reading about all the new consumer gadgets and stuff. Thanks for sharing such gadget.