GooApple V5 Vs. GooApple 3G Video Hands On

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The V5 keeps all the hallmark GooApple features such as the fantastically accurate iPhone 4 body, and great looking iOS styled Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system.

Where the new GooApple V5 differs from the previous generation model is in the screen, camera and speed departments!

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The screen is a 960 x 640 resolution Retina display which offers fantastic looking visuals while also offering better touch response, which can be seen in the video below.

Speed also seems to have been improved, all though we are not sure how GooApple have acieved this as the CPU seems to be the same as the previous model.

Like the orginal and 3G versions of the GooApple, the V5 also comes with dual cameras, but in the case of the V5 the rear unit is a 5 mega-pixel shooter with auto-focus.

The overall improvements on the V5 seems to follow the same formula as the upgrade Apple chose for iPhone 4S, keep the design while improving the useabiley and function.

Watch the GooApple V5, GooApple 3G comparison video below:

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  1. Sam Wilbert
    April 5, 2012
    • April 5, 2012

      Its the GooApple 3G the V5 has a higher resolution screen.