Ultimate GooApple V5 Review and Video!

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Media on the GooApple V5

Like all Android phones the GooApple supports MP3, MP4 and AVI files (along with others) and does so very well.

gooapple v5 music app,media on the gooapple v5,iphone 4s android knock off,gooapple v5 reviewThe music app looks and feels like the iPod application for iOS and even shares the majority of features, but seems to be missing Coverflow.

Video playback is very good too thanks to the Retina display, but again things get a bit choppy with high HD quality videos.

As expected from the Retina display viewing from all angles is absolutely fantastic, and is as easily as good as many high end smartphones.

gooapple v5 retina display,gooapple v5 android phone,gooapple v5 iphone 4s knock off As with all Chinese phones, the GooApple has an extremely loud speaker which is surprisingly clear and much louder than the iPhone’s.

GooApple V5’s Camera

The V5 has a 5-megapixel rear camera and a front facing 1.3 mega-pixel camera. Like many smartphones these days the GooApple has an LED flash to help when taking photos in low light situations or at night.

gooapple v5 camera,gooapple v5 review,gooapple v5 iphone 4s cloneWhile the rear camera is rated at 5-mega pixels, overall quality isn’t as good as we had hoped, but it isn’t bad either!

When compared to the iPhone 4 for example, the GooApple’s camera is much slower when capturing images, with many images turning our blurred or grainy.

However when compared to the Meizu M9, a top of the range Chinese smartphone with 5 mega-pixel camera, the GooApple’s camera is much much better! Offering better low light performance and faster shutter speed!

The GooApple V5’s camera comes with a huge array of options from scene selections, light balance, image quality and size, and more basic functions for flash!

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gooapple v5 iphone 4s knock off,gooapple v5 camera,gooapple v5 vs iphone 4sSwitching from the rear camera to the front is just a matter of pressing the button to the top right of the screen.

Although we didn’t have chance to test Skype, we have been assured that Skype and other video calling services are supported by the GooApple V5’s front camera.

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