Ultimate GooApple V5 Review and Video!

gooapple v5,gooapple review,gooapple iphone 4s,gooapple hands on,gooapple hands on,gooapple v5 vs iphone 4s,where to buy gooapple iphone 4s knock offThe GooApple V5 is touted as the ultimate iPhone 4S knock-off available. With a near perfect replica body, fantastically accurate Android OS with iOS skin, and even a Retina display which is compatible with the real iPhone 4S!

And we have one in our hands now for a full in depth review!

Keep reading below for full GooApple V5 iPhone 4S knock-off review!

What is the GooApple?

gooapple v5,gooapple android iphone 4s,knock off iphone 4s android,gooapple review,gooapple hands onThe GooApple range of phones, now in their 3rd generation, are Chinese made iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S replicas which run Android Gingerbread.

The original GooApple first shook up the Shanzhai scene with it’s near perfect iPhone 4 body and great looking capacitive screen. The hardware wasn’t to shabby either with front and rear cameras, plus LED flash, wi-fi, GPS, etc…

A few months after the original GooApple launched the GooApple 3G was released with added 3G data connection and a new improved Android user interface which mimics Apple’s iOS right down to the submenus.

gooapple v5 retina display,gooapple v5 review,android iphone 4s,gooapple v5 video,gooapple v5 price,gooapple v5 iphone 4s knock offThe latest version of the GooApple, the GooApple V5 has lost it’s 3G data abilities, but has gained a 5 mega-pixel rear camera, has a slightly faster CPU, but most importantly now has a Retina display, the same display as the previous iPhone 4 and current iPhone 4S!

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