Ultimate GooApple V5 Review and Video!

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GooApple V5: What’s in the box?

gooapple v5 box,gooapple v5 unboxing,gooapple v5 hands on reviewThe V5 arrived at Gizchina’s offices (thanks to Shine over at Android-sale.com) safely packaged inside bubble wrap, an extra box and a generous layer of foam packing! Certainly enough to keep the GooApple during shipping.

Once the layers of packing had been stripped away we were left with a box branded as an ‘iPhone 4’. The box is sell made and has all of the stickers and markings a genuine iPhone 4 box would have, in fact the GooApple’s box looks so realistic I actually think that it is a genuine iPhone 4 box!

Sliding the lid off, we are presented with the V5 for the first time. The handset sits in a tailor made tray to prevent it from moving about while in transit and lifts out to reveal the GooApple’s included screen protector, English instruction manual, USB wire with 30 pin dock connection, plus mains charger.

gooapple v5 iphone 4s knock off,iphone 4s box,gooapple v5 unboxingThe V5 ships with a temporary screen protector plus plastic film on the sides and on the rear of the phone.

This attention to packaging is a great sign and extremely reassuring if you were to decide on ordering a GooApple V5 from China and have it shipped to the U.S, Europe or elsewhere.


Perfect Replica iPhone Appearance

gooapple v5 rear,gooapple v5 apple logo,gooapple v5 review,gooapple v5 android iphone 4s hands onOnce all the protective film has been removed we can finally get a good look at the V5, and wow it looks and feels like the real deal!

Although the V5 is not as heavy as the genuine iPhone 4S, it is weighty enough to suggest an air of quality.

All the materials seem to be of a very high standard, with glass covering both the front and rear of the GooApple, with the edges are wrapped in what appears to be stainless steel! Not a piece of plastic in sight!

I was surprised to see that our test version of the GooApple has Apple and iPhone branding on the rear, as I had previously seen the GooApple sporting it’s own hybrid Android Apple logo.

gooapple v5 iphone clone,gooapple v5 android iphone 4s,gooapple v5 iphone 4 knock off,gooapple v5 hands on,gooapple v5 reviewSpeaking of the rear, the rear 5 mega-pixel camera doesn’t sit flush with the body as it does on the genuine iPhone 4S. This might be just the case with our test unit, but if you were to use the GooApple with a case (which we’re sure you will) you probably will never notice.

Which brings us nicely to cases! Yes, all of those iPhone 4 and 4S cases designed for the real iPhones will fit the GooApple V5 just fine!

Android Gingerbread iOS Hybrid UI

GooApple have gone all out on the user interface for the V5, there are differences, and the text doesn’t always line up as it should but overall GooApple’s engineers have created one hell of an iOS knock off based on the Gingerbread ROM.

Most of the apps and even the menus look like genuine iOS. They have even successfully cloned iOS 5’s Notification center, as well as the iTunes App, Camera App, Mail App and many more.

The Mail App really struck us! Just take a look at the screen shot below!

gooapple v5 mail app,gooapple v5 review,gooapple iphone 4s review,gooapple v5 android iphone 4s

Not all the apps and interface follow true to the iOS original however. If you dig deep enough in to the menus you will find Android setting panes, and some of the apps have been localized for the Chinese market.

For example the YouTube App is actually the Android version of Youku, iBooks is an app called iReader , Maps come from Baidu rather than Google, and the Gallery app is your standard Android photo gallery.

Multitasking is handled of in the vanilla Android way as is closing apps running in the background.

Folders have been added to the Gingerbread iOS hybrid so you can store your apps together, and moving icons around the spring board will be a familiar process to any iOS user. Just hold the icon until it shakes and move it to the desired position.

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