5 Simple Tips To Improve Android Battery Life

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Android tablets and phones are getting more and more powerful, however as these dual and soon quad-core Android phones and devices arrive, we are still stuck with battery life problems! Follow these 5 simple steps to improve battery life on Android.


1.Turn off unnecessary data connections

If your not using your Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G or GPS turn them off. You can even create fast shortcuts to these settings so you can toggle them on or off as you like from the Android home screen.


2. Learn Which Apps are eating battery life!

Do you have a power hungry app running somewhere, of is your WiFi more power hungry than you thought? Head to settings > about phone (tablet) > battery usage. From here you can see who are your Android battery draining culprits.

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3. Browse the web with black Google!

As we have suggested at the top of this list, screen brightness is the biggest help when trying to extend your Android battery usage. So when searching the web why not use Google search in black? The white background in Google can eat away at your battery life, but using this Black background alternative can help Android battery life.


4. Turn down screen brightness

To adjust Android screen brightness head in to settings > display > brightness then adjust the brightness to the lowest comfortable setting.


5. Live Wallpapers SUCK! Battery life

Sure they look cool, but live wallpapers will quickly eat away at your Android battery. Also when choosing a wallpaper choose something darker rather than lighter as this can also extend Android battery life.

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