Fake Chinese Lamborghini Costs Just $33,000!

Oh you thought you could only pick up fake iPhones, Mini iPads, iMacs, and cheap Rolex’s in China!? Well how about a knock off Lamborghini for just $33,000!!

This awesome fake Lambo spotted over at China Car Times costs just a fraction of the price of a genuine 3.5 million Yuan Lamborghini Gallardo but get’s all the awesomely cool features such as the trademark lambo scissor doors, real Lamborghini wheels (for an additional 50,000 yuan) and all the street cred a real Lambo would earn you!

It’s not clear what this fake Lamborghini is based on, but we do know that the engine is a far cry from the V12 engine a genuine lamb would sport and what you actually get is a 2.2L Toyota engine.

Get the full details and more photos over at China Car Times.

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