Next Generation Xiaomi MI2 Won’t have front camera and lacks super specs!

When the first rumors arrived about the next generation Xiaomi phone it looked as though the Chinese phone company were making a super computer never mind a phone, however it seems those specs were nothing but a pipe dream!

What we know about the Xiaomi MI2

Yesterday we were lucky to publish exclusive photos of the all new Xiaomi MI2 and from our initial look at the next generation Chinese phone we were impressed. The MI2 seems to push all the buttons thanks to it’s quad core CPU, rumored Android/Windows dual operating systems and upgraded rear LED flash along with all new body, but we’ve found a few chinks in the MI2’s armor.

The new Xiaomi MI2 is rumored to have a rather small 1700mAh battery and there is the possibility that it won’t be user replaceable! This is pretty damning news as we know a 1700mAh battery isn’t going to last more than a day with a quad-core CPU powering things.

Gizchina News of the week

Speaking of power, but in the performance sense, reports are also suggesting that the new Xiaomi MI2 phone will have a maximum RAM of 1GB. Now this might not seem like much of a problem in today’s smartphone climate, but as this is meant to be a next generation device most users expected at least 1.5GB RAM.

The last piece of bad news for prospective Xiaomi MI2 buyers is the fact that the new Xiaomi like the current M1 and M1 youth will not have a front facing camera! This seems like a huge let down! We were surprised when the M1 launched without a front camera, but to launch a second phone which also lacks a feature even cheap phones have seems unforgivable!

We still have some time to go before the Xiaomi MI2 becomes official, so these points might be addressed, but if not the new Xiaomi phone is already way behind similar Chinese phones such as the excellent Meizu MX 4-core!

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  1. Randy Fabros
    July 23, 2012

    Let’s just hope it’s a teaser….. If not they will fall behind Meizu….
    And the Japanese and Korean Androids…….
    What I would like to see a Jiayu G3 design mix in specs, size and features like Arrows X F-10D. I wouldn’t mind paying a little bit more for something and still cost under $600. I believe they can do it.

    • July 23, 2012

      Here’s hoping 🙂 But, personally I’m already sold on the 4-core MX! I’m really considering to buy one.

  2. July 27, 2012

    Perhaps we are getting a front camera on the MI2 after all: