JiaYu G4 to be designed by you the fans!

JiaYu have really managed to capture Chinese phone fans with the iPhone 5 esque G3, and now they are offering fans the chance to have their say in what the upcoming JiaYu G4 will look, feel and function like!

Although we are all still huddled around the internet waiting for a firm release date for the Jiayu G3, but all we’ve been given are an updated spec sheet, the Chinese phone company have already set the wheels in motion to produce a successor to the alloy bodied G3.

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On the official JiaYu website, the company have asked Chinese phone fans to offer their ideas and suggestions on the look, feel and function of their new phone and are encouraging the public to submit designs drawings and feature suggestions.

Specifically Jiayu have asked for customers opinions on the materials the Jiayu G4 should be made of, the feel of the Jiayu G4, the appearance, screen size and function!

They have even launched a Jiayu G4 ‘Fantasy Zone’ where fans can get together, share and discuss their ideas for the next phone!

If you want to contribute to the design and function of the Jiayu G4 head over to their website here.

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  1. JamesHD1997
    July 31, 2012

    This is awesome! Might be even better than the G3. Now the question is – wait for the G4 or get the G3 when it comes out next month…

    • July 31, 2012

      Get the G3 the G4 won’t be out for sometime yet and it will give you an idea of their quality and feel if you haven’t already had a Jiayu phone.