App Controlled Off Road Buggy only $46

While sneaking around the Xiaomi website earlier to see if I can learn any more about today’s rumored Xiaomi M2 announcement when I found this app controlled off-road RC buggy! And I want one!

Although the bright red ‘Flying car’ off road buggy is available at Xiaomi’s online store, it is in actual fact support by both the major phone platforms ie. Android and iOS (sorry Windows guys).

As you can probably imagine what this is is a basic, bright red!, radio controlled buggy which is controlled via your Android smart phone (tablet too) or iOS device.

There isn’t a screenshot of the app running so I’m not sure what the on-screen controls are but I assume there will be at lease forward and reverse while steering will be controlled by tilting your iOS or Android device to either side.

If you want one you can pick one up for only $46 or 299 Yuan here at Xiaomi’s online webstore!


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