Xiaomi M2 Spotted With 2GB RAM!

The next generation Xiaomi M2 phone will be launched in less than 2 days, and as is usually the case leaked information about the new Chinese phone is flowing out and around the web!

We’ve already posted quite a bit about the new Xiaomi M2, from the Beijing based Chinese phone maker, from leaked photos of the unit, specifications and even sample photos from the rear camera!

Today though a new piece of the M2 puzzle has escaped Xiaomi’s grasp complete with screen shots. It seems (thankfully) that Xiaomi have decided that 1GB RAM might not be enough for their top of the range quad-core phone, and that they are at least testing a 2GB RAM version of their new phone.

As you can see in these screen shots, both a 1GB RAM and 2GB RAM Xiaomi phone codenamed the Mi2 (which could well be the final name for the new quad-core Xiaomi phone) are in testing, however it is still not known which model will make it to the market.

Also from the screenshots we can see that the Qualcomm quad-core CPU is running at a rather cool (as in temperature) 1.5ghz, will get Android Jelly Bean, and that the M2 is likely to support and SD card to boost internal storage.

The Xiaomi M2 will launch on August 16th and is expected to cost just 2499 Yuan ($393) and will likely feature an all new white body which we have yet to see!


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