MT6577 4.5inch Mourinho NO2-M1 Shipping Early September to take on JiaYu G3

We’ve seen some very low-priced Android phones over the past few weeks with most people choosing the JiaYu G3 thanks to its large screen, dual-core CPU, great design and low price, but with all the delays could JiaYu lose out to Chinese phone maker’s Mourinho NO2-M which boasts a similar spec at a slightly lower price?

From these photos along and without even looking at the specification of the 4.5 inch Mourinho NO2-M I can see that the N02-M1 has 2 advantages over the JiaYu G3!

  1. It is seen working here and looks ready for production.
  2. It is in fact in production!

Mourinho NO2-M1 mt6577 vs jiayu g3 android phone china

That’s not to say that the Mourinho NO2-M1 hasn’t seen its own share of delays as it has, but whatever problems they have had they seem to have them fixed and are now aiming at a 6th September release date.

So how does the Mourinho NO2-M1 compare to the JiaYu G3? Well both phones feature large 4.5 inch screens featuring QHD technology and the resolution of the N02-M1 is 960 x 540. Both the JiaYu G3 and Mourinho NO2-M1 have great cameras with the rear being an 8 mega-pixel model and the front camera being a respectable 2 mega-pixel camera.

Mourinho NO2-M1 mt6577 vs jiayu g3 android phone china

The Mourinho NO2-M1 will be available in 2 models one which features 512mb RAM while the other 1GB RAM and 4GB ROM with a dual-core MTK MT6577 cpu!

So both the Mourinho NO2-M1 and JiaYu G3 are pretty evenly specced with the only notable differences, other than design, being the Mourinho NO2-M1 battery is only an 1800mAh unit and that the Mourinho NO2-M1 costs a little less at only $110 while the JiaYu G3 is planned to cost slightly more at $125.

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jiayu g3 black edition leaked

How about that design though? While some of us really like the class brushed alloy, almost iPhone 5 like, look of the JiaYu G3 there will be some of us who prefer the HTC One X inspired design and white plastic, lightweight, body of the Mourinho NO2-M1!

Which do you guy’s prefer? The JiaYu G3 or the Mourinho NO2-M1?

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