THL V12 MT6577 Dual-core update phone coming soon

Like many Chinese phone companies THL have been busying themselves by upgrading their current phones with all new dual-core MT6577 CPU’s. The latest model to get this update is the THL V12 Mt6577.

The THL V12 oringally hit the market with a single core MT6575 CPU, but as dual-core phones have been hitting headlines and grabbing people attention THL have decided an update was due.

Along with the dual-core MT6577 CPU, the THL V12 also gets a new white body, along with a 4 inch IPS screen with a resolution of 854 x 480 and rear 5 mega-pixel camera.

Unfortunately THL haven’t given the V12 a RAM or battery update and this 4 inch phone still features a measly 512mb RAM and and tiny 1300mAh battery.


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