Xiaomi M2 is faster than the Samsung Galaxy S3 and more!

The quad-core Xiaomi M2 will be officially launched later next month and is expected to sell out thanks to its high performance package in a low-cost ($313) price, but just how fast is Xiaomi’s new phone compared to models from larger, better known brands?

Even before the Xiaomi M2 was unveiled and we got to see the Quad core Qualcomm S4 phone in the flesh we had already seen leaked benchmarks of the Chinese phone whooping the Samsung Galaxy S3’s butt in various tests.

Now that the Xiaomi M2 is nearing launch and Chinese media are getting their test unit’s delivered to them we are eventually finding out if the rumors were true and is the M2 will live up the hype.

Well as you can see here the rumours are true and the Xiaomi M2 certainly looks to be worthy of all the hype!

According to test carried out by one Chinese phone site the Xiaomi M2 surpasses a number of high-powered Android phones in benchmark results including more than a few flagship phones from larger manufacturers!

When pitted against the Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 2, Huawei D1, Lenovo K860, all of which are quad-core Android phones, the $316 Xiaomi M2 managed to come out on top scoring an impressive 14639 on AnTuTu where as the Samsung Galaxy S3 only managed 12504 and the Note 2 13470!

The Xiaomi M2 will go on Pre-sale in China next month in a lottery fashion, store allocated stock is expected until much later in the year.

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