New Meizu M040 to be 4.3 inch MX2?

A few days ago we posted leaked benchmarks of the new rumored Meizu phone codenamed the M040 along with a few brief specification details of the new phone, details one Meizu insider states are wrong!

According to a source close to Meizu the new M040 will be more like a Meizu MX2 featuring a slightly larger 4.3 inch screen with 351PPI rather than the 5 inch display which most people believed at the time.

Other claimed improvements of the new Meizu phone include improved buttons (?) an updated camera, unibody design and new CPU other than that we don’t know much else other than the fact the new Meizu will look like the current MX but will have a super narrow 2.2mm bezel along the sides.

From what we have been seeing from current Chinese brands I expect the new Meizu MX2/M040 will have an updated 8 mega-pixel camera with 28mm wide lens much like the new Xiaomi M2 and make use of Android Jelly Bean with its own voice recognition software.

I also expect the new Meizu the use an all new Samsung CPU rather than the Xiaomi Mi 2’s Qualcomm unit or the older Tegra 3 quad-core chip some Chinese phones are starting to use.

For more details of the new Meizu phone take a look here!

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