JiaYu G3 has been rooted!

It was only a few day’s ago that the JiaYu G3 finally received it’s network license, but already this amazing Chinese phone has been rooted by devoted fans!

The tools needed to root the JiaYu G3 are available here at the JiaYu forums where you can also find instructions in Chinese of how to root the new 4.5 inch Chinese phone.

While I’ve not tried the root myself (as I still haven’t gotten my JiaYu G3!) the process is meant to be fast and painless due to the small file size of the root .zip file.

jiayu g3 root chinese phone

I’ll post detailed instructions on how you can root your JiaYu G3 in a few days once I’ve heard the feedback from more users who attempt to get full access of their new phones.

Keep posted for more JiaYu G3 news!

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