$157 Dual-core MT6577 Sundance Kid photos and launch date! Looks Fantastic!

If you are stuck between choosing the JiaYu G3 and the UMi X1 then I have some bad news for you as the Sundance Kid is another high specification low-cost phone will go on sale later this month priced at just 999 Yuan ($157). More details and specification after the jump!

While the JiaYu G3 has the best specification at the lowest price, and the UMi X1 boasts a similar specification in a thinner, more stylish and slightly more expensive body, the Sundance Kid sits nicely in between the two on both price and hardware.

Like both the UMi X1 and JiaYu G3 the Sundance Kid boasts a dual-core MT6577 1Ghz CPU, 1GB RAM but with more on board storage than both the other two phones with an impressive 8GB ROM.

sundance kid dual core mt6577 android phone china

The screen size is the same on the Sundance Kid too, but rather than being a high resolution 4.5 inch screen (1280 x 720) is a low resolution (960 x 540) display from Japanese screen maker Sharp!

Gizchina News of the week

Rear camera on the Sundance Kid matches the 8 mega-pixel camera’s on both the JiaYu G3 and UMi X1, while the front 2 mega-pixel camera is much better what the other phones have to offer.

sundance kid dual core mt6577 android phone china

The big highlight of the Sundance Kid though is the huge 3000mAh battery which is nearly double that of the UMi X1 and slightly larger than the 2750 mAh unit in the JiaYu G3, yet despite the large capacity the body of the Sundance has been kept to a rather thin 9.8mm!

As you can see from the photos shown here the Sundance Kid is a rather attractive phone too in my opinion it is much better looking than the JiaYu G3, and seems to offer a better level of finish over the UMi X1.

The Sundance Kid will be officially placed on sale on the 26th October where it will be available for just 999 Yuan ($157) although I am not sure if the phone will be available in stores on via an online pre-order.

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  1. Nik
    October 3, 2012

    Nice… 3000 mah battery that seems worth it alone. But, I’m a bit skeptical on the China phones that the 2700 mah and 3000 mah batteries are actually what they say they are. Also do you know if it is a removable battery? Thanks

    • kethan
      October 3, 2012

      yes that is true…i bought 2 tinji i9300 phones…they said its 2250 mah…but if we remove the battery cover it says 1750mah only :((

  2. kleiman
    October 3, 2012

    Esa batería con ese espesor? Lo dudo mucho
    La pantalla sharo a ese precio? Mas dudas
    Que va a salir el 26 de OCtubre? Dudas, dudas y mas dudas.

    Humo y mas humo, eso me parece este movil.

  3. Ivan
    October 3, 2012

    One of the best thing of JiaYu is the Gorilla screen. Does this phone have gorilla ‘s protection?

  4. RobertNL
    October 4, 2012

    @Andi, anyhing about different colors?

    Seems like a nice phone with a a few ”fixes” over the Jiayu:
    + Thinkness
    + Battery
    + Front camera
    + 8GB ROM (why only 4GB in phones while allmost all tablets have 8 or 16 gigs now).

    Then there are some (in my opinon) big minus points for this phone:
    – 720P (You will apricaiate the good PPI! Atleast thats what i do like about my Xperia S)
    – Looks (i personaly like the Jiayu more)

    For now i still go for the Jiayu, but hey! this seems a really nice phone for its price!

    • October 5, 2012

      I think there is a red version (poss black too) but not seen any photos.

  5. Riz
    October 5, 2012

    Not sure if this is the right place for this question. Just wanted to know the physical stores where these phones can be purchased in Shanghai. I understand that a lot of this phones are at pre – order/ pre – release stage. My question is more related the names & location of brick & Mortar shops where phones from these companies ( Jia Yu,Newman, Amoi, Goophone, Meizu, ZOPO, Oppo etc etc ) can be bought in Shanghai whenever they become available. Most of the shopkeepers seem clueless about the existance of these brands

    • October 5, 2012

      Best place to look for Zopo, GooPhone, Jiayu etc is either your local ‘phone city’ or ‘computer city’. For Meizu they will have actual Meizu stores in Shanghai which you can go to and test their phones before buying (like an Apple store). Amoi, Newman and Oppo will be available in most good phone shops and in some appliance stores like Gome and Suning.

      • Riz
        October 5, 2012

        Thanks much for the quick reply

  6. evandro
    October 8, 2012

    what is the manufacturer of this phone?