Xiaomi M2 sales to start 30th October only 50,000 up for grabs!

Imagine you have just announced one of the most powerful smartphones on the planet with an excellent camera, great features, wonderful design and super low price! What do you do next make enough of them for all your fans to get one or manufacturer a measly 50,000 and watch customers go home empty-handed?

If you chose the second option then well done you have the makings of a Xiaomi employ as the Beijing based software come hardware company have announced only 50,000 Xiaomi M2 phones will go on sale (presale) on October 30th!

It seems Xiaomi haven’t learnt from enough from the popularity of the original M1 and newer M1s (or perhaps they have) and have decided that their hugely popular quad-core super phone will only be available in extremely limited supply!

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The Xiaomi M2 is Xiaomi’s 4th phone (M1, M1 youth, M1s, M2) and features a quad-core Qualcomm CPU, 2GB RAM and an impressive 8 mega-pixel rear camera.

The 16GB Xiaomi M2 will go on sale for 1999 Yuan while the larger capacity 32GB model will cost 2299 Yuan.

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  1. Xiaolu
    October 26, 2012

    Hi Andi!

    I’m trying though not so that convinced… what are the chances of getting one, in your opinion?

    My Galaxy SCL i9003 is still alive but with that annoying tendency to turn itself off when it pleases, argh!

    Despite Xiaomi’s policy (S M A L L batches), all around I see people showing interest on the brand new releases (including me).

  2. Martin
    October 26, 2012

    So they did an Apple-size presentation, awesome phone and then? Only 50,000 models!!!!!

    I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get my hands on this one but if I have a chance (what do you think), would you recommend more The Xiaomi M2, The GodMade Oppo Find5, The BBK VIVO X3, or the dirt cheap Newman N2? Does this last one have a 1080p and does 1080p screen mean 440ppi?

  3. Charles
    October 26, 2012

    Im going crazy,been waiting on this phone since forever and the people who can get them is saying they might only be able to get 4 or 5 in till November when every other phone comes out.I quit on phones!!!

  4. Cooper
    October 26, 2012

    but it says here http://www.xiaomi.com/ that 25 millions will be available 2 weeks later

    • Arne
      October 27, 2012

      hold your horses.. 25万台 means 250 000.. dont trust everything you read on the translate 😉

    • njren
      October 27, 2012

      That’s 250,000 …Google Translate leaves a lot to be desired.

      • Cooper
        October 27, 2012

        yes. 250.000, my bad

  5. Rianto
    October 26, 2012

    i predict it will out of stock in less than 3 minutes
    i hate xiaomi way of sell
    but still its my first option because miui and battery.
    but if i don’t get it in feb then oppo find5 is my choice because the built quality although the design like LG (i love the previous design) and non removable battery

  6. AJ
    October 26, 2012

    It’s hard to pick between M2 and the LG Nexus 4 both are very similar and priced close to 399$! I also heard one of the testers of this phone said there were a few dead pixels on M2! Just be careful buying this device as testers also said there were a few bugs as well.

  7. njren
    October 26, 2012

    Xiaomi are masters at creating artificial demand, but they play a dangerous game…how long can they toy with their customers before a backlash?

  8. Sid
    October 26, 2012

    I waited for this phone for a month and now they pull this. Probably 2 million orders on backlog, won’t see this phone until the new year. What a stupid way of doing business! At least ship them as you make them, not make a batch and overload your shipping department so that it takes even longer to get them. I’m looking for a new phone, this on will be out dated by the time I get it anyway.

  9. Irwin
    October 27, 2012

    Aw….waiting for this phone 2. Stupid way of doing business…

  10. Ansgar
    October 29, 2012

    Anyone here who can tell me, why there are different names mentioned in the web for this phone? I found: XiaoMi X2 II, XiaoMi 2, Mi phone X2
    I don’t want to buy it somewhere and after buying I find out it’s fake.
    Would be great if someone knows and tell me