World’s cheapest Android phone is just $57!

World’s cheapest Android phone is just $57!


We’ve been overwhelmed with the amazing dual-core and quad-core phones to arrive out of China these past few months, but lets not forget that China is also home to some amazingly low cost phones too! Check out the world’s cheapest Android phone for just $57!

For $57 (360 Yuan in China) you can’t expect a whole lot from a Android powered phone, however this low-cost phone from Chinese phone brand Callbar has some surprisngly good features.

The Callbar boasts dual-cameras which is the norm for any phone these days, well except for most phones with a sub $60 price tag that is! What’s more the rear camera is a perfectly capable 5 mega-pixel unit which has this phone priced lower than many point and shoot digital cameras on the market!

temple run and fruit ninja on callbar world's cheapest android phone china

The CPU is a single core 1GHz unit and there is 256MB RAM in the world’s cheapest Android phone which might not sound like much but is more than enough to play popular Android games such as Fruit Ninja and Temple run.

A 3.5 inch display with 320 x 480 resolution helps keep prices lower still and also help to make the Callbar a very compact phone measuring just 120 x 61 x 10.5mm.

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  • Leo

    Very cheap phone! It’s nice to give as a Christmas present.

    • striker

      seriouslly hah well good idea =D

  • YaPeL

    wow, what SoC is using?

    • kethan

      of course MT6515 … with all features of Mt6575 expect 3g !

    • Nin Hao

      Do not listen to anyone else, it’s NOT MediaTek, it’s SpreadTrum ARM Cortex A5 Mali-300 (? – claims Mali-400, but all the software detect as mali-300) SC6820 SoC, wireless 2.5G (EDGE) only, no GPS, really 1.3 Mpix camera interpolated up to 5, so not as good as MT6575(6515),but quite capable. Antutu ~3000 points. Bad points are SINGLE touch sensor and 256 Mb ram.

      • kethan

        wait i have many confirmation news there are two types one said with SpreadTrum
        and another with mt6515..jiayu g1 has thl a1…and many more to come…

        • Nin Hao

          It seems we are both right. Spreadtrum model I saw is on sale right now, the MT6515 one is coming out this month to replace it on the market. The phone it self will be called guess what name? “Callbar 360 (yuan) phone” ! =^_^=

          Operating system will be heavily modded Android 2.3.5 one.

          Battery only 1200 mAh. Camera is claimed to be 3.2 Mpix.

          For Chinese residents it’s quite a bargain as long as there IS working 3G for this phone, but in China only (TD-SCDMA).

  • LucifeL

    OMG i’m totally in love with it… what a cute little fellow…!!! I’m thinking id i can get 2 of these for my Old parents so that they can just what’s app with us…

  • Francis.R.

    mmm, i’d love to buy a few to my brothers and parents (and to me a zopo or a htc one x clone LOL)

  • RamPowered

    Which Android version does it run?
    An old version or 4.0 and above?

    • Nin Hao

      Android 2.3.6

      • RamPowered

        That explains several issues….

        • Nin Hao

          I correct myself. The phone in question has even older OS, 2.3.5 with special custom GUI and applications for low memory devices.

  • Diqiu-Long

    Something like this is what Samsung and HTC will sell for about € 100 a € 200 atleast.

    But I wouldnt buy this one or you would want to go for the lowest budget as possible, then this phone is really cheap, because 360 yuan equals going 3x to a good / clean restaurant in China.

  • beijing shots

    does this thing have wifi? it;s too bad Chinese people arent into second hand stuff, otherwise, i think they’d really give the world a good alternative to ebay’s expensive stuff.

  • cia

    ZTE/中兴 U506 is selling for 171 yuan, or $30, ZTE/中兴 U721 for 250yuan, or $40. oppoOPPO a230 267 yuan $33 HTC G2 Magic Huawei/华为 U8100 280.00