GuoPhone G9 iPhone 5 clone specifications and photos

Yesterday GooPhone released updated specifications and more photos of their GooPhone i5 phone now today we get our first glimpse at the GuoPhone G9 iPhone 5 clone, with 4 inch Sharp display.

GuoPhone are another Chinese phone maker which makes a living from producing clones of other brands hardware, and the GuoPhone G9 is their first iPhone 5 clone to launch since the genuine phone became available on the market.

There are some similar details between the GuoPhone G9 and GooPhone i5. Both offer a dual-core MTK6577 CPU, however the GuoPhone only get’s 512mb RAM rather than the i5’s 1Gb.

Screen size is 4 inch as you would expect from an iPhone 5 clone, and Guophone have sourced their 800 x 480 resolution unit from Japanese screen maker Sharp.

guophone g9 iphone 5 clone specifications

The rest of the specification is similar to other MTK6577 phones on the market with the phone offering 4GB of built in memory, SD card reader, 2 mega-pixel front camera, 5 mega-pixel rear camera, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-fi ETC.

It’s likely the GuoPhone G9 will go on sale at the end of November with prices starting at 1599 Yuan ($256)


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