Quad-core Newman N2 pre-orders about to start

The Newman N2 has generated quite a buzz on the internet with some bloggers comparing this low cost Chinese phone to the Samsung Galaxy S3 and it’s easy to see why! But if you want to buy one of these quad-core phones you will have to be quick as pre-orders are about to begin!

Newman have set up a huge advert for the quad-core Newman N2 on their website with links to sign up in preparation to pre-order this fantastic quad-core phone. As you would expect the pre-order sign up page and details are in Chinese and the phones will only be shipped within China, however I assume many Chinese dropship and resellers will also be pre-ordering early stock too!

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The Newman N2 is priced at 1499 Yuan ($240) which puts in on the same price terms as the fantastic Xiaomi M1s, however the spec of the N2 is more on par with the flagship Xiaomi M2!

A quad-core Samsung Exynos CPU clocked at 1.4GHz and 1GB RAM give the Newman N2 lightning fast speed while a 13 mega-pixel rear camera is expected to be capable of taking beautiful high-resolution photos. The N2 has a 4.7 inch screen and resolution of 1280 x 720, comes equipped with a 2500mAh battery and will run Android 4.0 ICS as standard.


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  1. plikmuny
    November 16, 2012

    where can i place a pre-order for this beast ?
    @Andi: pls provide us the links to buy it online… also tell us where it is available for best price & we can buy it from them without any hustles….

  2. teow
    November 16, 2012

    hi andi
    pls provide a link to preorder. thanks.

    • November 16, 2012

      I did 🙂

      • teja
        November 16, 2012

        how to preorder it . it seems only chinese can preorder it, what about international buyers .

  3. krzysiek
    November 16, 2012

    Does this phone have dual sim like n1 or not?

    • Joco1114
      November 16, 2012

      Interest me too…

  4. Moti
    November 16, 2012

    Seems interesting

  5. DK
    November 16, 2012

    Give me a good reason why someone would buy this for $240 when Nexus 4 unlocked is available for $299 on Play store.

    • November 16, 2012

      You don’t need a contract and it has a memory card slot.

      • DK
        November 16, 2012

        $299 is unlocked price so no contract if m not wrong. the only downside would be no memory card slot though. But when you buy an electronic product we have to think about the aftersales service or support. and most important thing is also OS update. How fast a model will recieve OS updates, in this case Nexus 4 will be the first to recieve;(just saying)

        • Casper
          November 16, 2012

          Official: T-Mobile to sell Nexus 4 for $499 off-contract

          Go buy for $299 … 😀

          • January 9, 2013


  6. plikmuny
    November 16, 2012

    how about the camera 13MP ??? doesn’t it make ur decision to buy newman a lot easier ?
    moreover, battery backup of 2500mAh & 4.7 inch screen…
    build quality is good & the feel of this phone is very good for that price…
    got the same CPU…. so no worries…
    the cheaper the better- in case of mobile phones… because u know, after 6 months, a new technology will come which u cant resist to go by simply out of your hand just because u have nexus 4…. !!! then what will you do ?
    the money what u save now by purchasing newman N2 , can be used for buying that next newer technology phone ??? ( i mean half of the money is with u & the rest u can arrange for it easily ? )
    what if u lose nexus ? i mean if ur newman is lost, u wont feel bad much… but i will definitely get upset if my nexus 4 gets stolen…

    these r my ways of thinking before buying a new mobile phone… just shared my views… sorry for my english… was typing very fast. hence apologies for my typos also….thought i would pen down all the points which i was thinking about when u asked this question….

    any other points which many users may feel to contribute….pls feel free to jolt it down here….

    @Andi: can u pls give a proper link where we can understand how to go ahead & place an order ? i mean pre-order ? in the above link, it says it is for VIP & F code members & it requires your registration also…
    didnt find a sigle link on their website to place an order…

    help us Andi pls…

  7. swampy
    November 17, 2012

    Android-Sale begins pre-orders: http://android-sale.com/newman-n2.html

    Newman N2 with Android 4.1

    • Hrtr
      November 21, 2012

      This site is reliable?

  8. tony5664
    November 19, 2012

    how about the reliability of the company?
    is it trustworthy? do you think there would be a chance of same case happening as in jiayu g3 case?