Flagship Pipo M8 tablet with Sony 9.4 inch 1280 x 800 display...

Flagship Pipo M8 tablet with Sony 9.4 inch 1280 x 800 display and 3G


With all the tablets available from quality Chinese brands such as Ainol, Onda ETC it is still surprisingly difficult to find a great tablet which features built-in 3G, luckily the flagship Pipo M8 will get 3G along with a great screen!

Pipo are already known for making high quality tablets with great performance for very affordable prices and have now started to expand in to the 8 inch market and now built-in 3G tablets.

The Pipo M8 will be their flagship 3G tablet based around a 9.4 inch 1280 x 800 Sony SGPT11CN/S display which not only offers excellent visuals but has also helped keep the M8’s overall thickness to just 9.02mm at its thickest point.

Other great features include a rear 5 mega-pixel auto focus camera, dual speakers and 6500mAh battery, other details are still unknown.


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  • Randy Fabros

    I have been looking at these great tablets lately… I have been really impressed with Pipo and SmartQ. Hope they would bring out more with 3g capabilities. SmartQ has some pretty impressive specs too….

  • Woei Shyang

    Are there any tablets that you’d recommend with good custom rom support? The Ainols seem good but I am keen on trying other brands too 🙂

  • plikmuny

    go ahead and choose SmartQ T30…. great tab for almost all purposes.
    except 3G
    you wont regret in any manner …

    • yash3339

      So did you finally get one?

    • I have a SmartQ Ten3/T15 and that brand surprice me. Very very hight quality. Hight recommend !!
      Also, now, are launching a new model (of 7 inch) with a PICO Projector. Amazing!

  • Louis Koo

    Sure, SmartQ T30 should be a great choice, but I don’t know much about its roms customization or any other support

    • randy fabros

      I was more looking into the x7 smaller version of t30. I work in shipping operations. I need for bay plans, discharge and back load reports. T30 seems too big to carry around after seeing my wife’s lenovo thinkpad. For the custom rom looking cooking my own rom, when Iget the chance to learn.

  • Andi, ¿any Idea of CPU and RAM? Thanks!

    • Randy Fabros

      Could be RK 3066 w/ 1G RAM….. it seems to be the trend with chinese tablets….. only SmartQ and Freelander offers 2G RAM.

    • It will probably be a Rockchips CPU as RF says with 1GB RAM.

  • AW

    I’ve had a SmartQ T20 Tablet for a few days.
    The Problem with these Tablets are the missing kernel-sources, so there is no way to create a better ROM…
    I don’t know how the T30 is, but the SmartQ T20 has a very heays wight

  • Kerry

    Does the Pipo M8 support Flash?

  • Steve

    Can you go on facebook and do stuff like a normal computer with this tablet? and is it jelly bean?

  • Steve

    And can you download like 3rd party games like kingdoms of camelot?

  • pk

    My only concern on these china based tab are the lack of support on Play Store and cant find an answer on what to do. Im looking at the Pipo M8 for my 13 yr old son but not sure if all apps will work (or most of them)

    I have read I can mod it to look like a supported device but not sure if thats something that will make it unstable knowing its my sons money. I dont want him to waste it knowing he can spend $100 more and get an ASUS from local store


    • PANGUyien

      I have the Pipo M8 and use a market unlocker app and have had no issues so far.