Umi X2 gets similar specification as the Oppo Find 5 for just...

Umi X2 gets similar specification as the Oppo Find 5 for just $239


Oppo managed to live up to the hype yesterday when they launched their all new 5-inch Oppo Find 5 phone. While the Find 5 is no doubt an awesome Android phone, it might be out of reach for some consumers due to the $499 price tag, but don’t despair as the UMi X2 offers a similar spec for less than half price!

The UMi X2 is set to replace the X1 as the company’s top of the range phone earlier next year, and as such it get’s a much more powerful CPU, better screen and improved rear camera. In fact, the UMi X2 offers a similar specification as the Oppo Find 5! (at least on paper).

Sources close to the UMi X2 project are reporting the new phone will come equipped with a quad-core CPU, 13 mega-pixel rear camera and 1920 x 1050 5-inch display, all of which are available on the Oppo Find 5 but at double the price.

As you would expect with such a price difference though it would be unfair to compare the Umi X2 and Find 5. For example where as the Oppo has a Qualcomm S4 quad-core chip which should support most major networks, the X2 will get a quad-core MT6589 CPU, and while both phones have 13 mega-pixel cameras, it is unlikely the UMi’s will shoot at 120fps or capture 100 photos in 5 seconds.

But if you aren’t interested in all the features and just what a high-performance quad-core phone, with decent rear camera and HD 5-inch screen, the UMi X2 might well be a great budget alternative to the Oppo Find 5.

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  • Vinh Nguyen

    Woah, just when I was going to give up on buying a new phone, you reel me back in!
    I hope that is the price tag! Is it really 1920×1050 or 1920×1080?
    Please keep us updated with release date and reliable sites to get it from!!! Thanks Andi!

  • Bas

    Nice, can you tell anything about the body? Is that aluminum?

  • RobertNL

    Sounds great. The MTK processor will be slower then the processor Qualcomm S4. But hey its have the price.

    When i get the chance to order this one for a nice price (highly doubt it) i will take it with both hands.

  • sam

    to be fair the difference between this and the oppo 5 is large in terms of cpu speed. MT6589 uses quad cortex a7 which is ~40% slower than cortex a9. The oppo uses qualcomm s4 pro which uses qualcomm’s own design which is way faster than cortex a9. So basically the oppo will be around twice as fast. This phone is still pretty good though.

  • Ahmadcentral

    Andi, did you write an article about the MTK6589?

    Or anywhere i can go to see a full specs list.
    I’m interested in the 3G frequencies and radio etc…


  • Joe

    Sounds pretty good. Would this work on AT&T network? Where can I buy it?

  • Fernando

    Well if “Dual SIM – Dual Standby” is included it has my buying vote 😉
    Oppo5 is a great phone (very slim) but no Dual SIM :(…


  • vlastimil

    Good price. But if MTK doesnt support Russian navigation system Glonass there is for me problem. If somone know that 4 core chip support write it here 🙂 i dont need thin mobile but battery about 5000mah 😀 and put there 8core GPU like onda V972…

    • Yep this is s big problem with MTK phones. Actually I was speaking with a supplier in Shenzhen last week who informed me MTK chips can work with all networks, but many Tier 3 Chinese brands aren’t licensed by MTK so don’t get any support for enabling this.

      • simik

        > MTK chips can work with all networks, but many Tier 3 Chinese brands aren’t licensed by MTK so don’t get any support for enabling this.

        Oh, is that the reason I see different supported 3G frequencies in different phones on the same MTK chipset? I thought those were just sloppy descriptions.

        • They might still be sloppy descriptions 😉

    • njren

      There’s only one chip on Mediatek’s website that specifically mentions GLONASS and that’s their 3332 dedicated GPS chip. Perhaps their top-of-range 3336 also supports it since it’s one step above the 3332. In other words, it’s all up to the manufacturer which chip they choose to pair with the processor.

  • tonycaf

    hi andi, i’m an Italian enthusiastic follower of your site..

    I am following the evolution of chinaphones, and i am not happyu because the trend is going to wider display…


    can you please give me an hint? which phone could be ok for me??
    i saw the jiayu G2s, but are there (good quality and sw support) other phones??

    thanks a lot!


    • ray

      Than you take a phone with a smaller screen!
      I don’t see the problem.

  • tonycaf

    the problem is that all “reliable” chinaphones producers are moving to bigger screens!! new umi will be 5′.. and so will be new jiayu and newman.. since i’m buying from italy, i want a reliable phone…without paying 800 bucks for an iphone…

    Just looking for an hint!

  • KooL

    Lol. Just when I’m getting used to my Jiayu G3 I read this and the Jiayu G4 article. Damn! Hahahaha! But I’m still in love with my Jiayu G3. 😀

  • Terry

    Which is the officcial website of this company? How can I pre-order? Andi, Please, give detailed info.Thanks.

  • izzet

    Hey Andi … Umi X2 realy looks nice but guess it will be 260k color display not i wrong ? hope it will 16m … :))