• XrainX

    So if you want to buy from internet you must to ask seller to make some photos?
    But if the seller is sending the real Xiaomi photos and the cloned phone?

    And it you are trying to prove the sent phone is fake then you will discover how chinese lies even telling you that the sales department made a mistake. Sales department are the sellers left and right hands.

    • xxx

      Buy from the respectable sites and trough paypall. Check photos for their exposure on the internet. If the phone you got is not the same as in the photos and fake, then open dispute and get your money back.

  • Fel

    one point… i ve 2 mi2 at home and neither features a star next to the “m”. But have to agree. a terrible lot of fake ones around and only good thing is… more accesories in the wake of it 😉

  • Herod2k

    I Think that information is not correct.
    In this video:
    we can see that:
    this Xiaomi M2 has the screw near the SIM and doesn’t has the 2 pins inside the sim slot.
    Ok, it could be a Fake.
    I live in China too and I never have seen a Xiaomi with a Star near the logo.
    There is another video in youku, this:
    where they show both version, with or without star, but I don’t read Chinese or I speak Chinese, could help me to translate it?
    Is it possible that exists two version of Xiaomi Mi2?

    • The one with the Star is the pre-sale version, you could buy it before the official release, now they don’t have those stars anymore.

  • Herod2k

    Another video from youku:
    The unbox of the Xiaomi Mi2, it looks like original (with the invoice from Xiaomi)
    And this one has no star and has pins.
    Yes, it could be another fake, but I start to think that there are different revisions of the same mobile phone.

  • enkht

    The admin of miuiandroid.com confirmed me that the star near the Mi logo mean it’s a sample phone

  • igor
  • Do you think this Xioami M2 is a fake (copy)?
    Device: aries
    Model: MI 2
    Board: aries
    Product: aries
    Brand: Xiaomi
    Manufacturer: Xiaomi
    CPU+ABI: armeabi-v7a
    Bootloader: unknown
    Radio: unknown
    Hardware: mt6577
    Release: 4.1.1
    SDK: 15
    Type: user
    Build: JRO03L
    Locale: en_US

    Resolution: 540 x 960
    Density DPI: 240 (High)
    Logical Density: 1.5
    Font Scaling Factor: 1.5
    Refresh Rate: 60.72
    X DPI: 240.0
    Y DPI: 240.0
    Pixel Format: Unknown (5)
    Color Depth: 32 bit
    Estimated Screen Size: 4.59 in / 116.59 mm

    • I would say yes. Sorry

    • meg

      YES – look at Hardware: mt6577 – it is MTK CPU not Exynos44 🙁

      • Xiaomi Mi2 uses a Snapdragon S4 Pro, Newman N2 uses an Exynos 🙂

  • solkik

    Hello, search custom rom for Xiaomi MI2 fake clone, have same machine of Johnny Bostad.

  • Ariba

    Please alter or delete this post, the information is incorrect.

    The real version has no star next to the logo and also, the logo on the back isn’t that good on the real version 2 (from close).

    People are misled by this post thinking there phone is fake.

  • Colton

    Yeah, this article sucks. If your phone runs like a total beast it’s real, if its laggy and slow you have a fake. Also the screen on the real m2 is too good to fake

  • George

    I think you can tell that it is fake if there is no led indicator under the home key…you can see that in the first side by side photo

    • CPO

      That seems like a nice trick, but I went to Xiaomi.com even and in their own photos I can’t see the led hole at all.

  • jay

    I recently purchased a mi2s and according to the pictures above it would have been a genuine phone but they have gotten those small details right as well, only when you download “quick system” app you will see that its fake or real