Neo N003 will cost just $160 with 13 mega-pixel camera and 5.3-inch...

Neo N003 will cost just $160 with 13 mega-pixel camera and 5.3-inch display!


Pricing details of the Neo N003 have been leaked and show that the next-gen quad-core phone will undercut a number of rivals.

If you are currently looking to spend around 1000 Yuan ($160) on a Chinese Android phone I really do not envy your choices! From the top of my head you have a choice of JiaYu G4, Umi X2, and now the Neo N003! Each phone will cost just 1000 Yuan and each one offers amazing value for money.

However, is is starting to look like Neo could lead the JiaYu and Umi when it comes to price and performance thanks to a number of key upgrades over rival phones. The Neo N003 will come with a quad-core MT6589 CPU, 5.3-inch 720 display, 13 mega-pixel rear camera and large 3000mAh battery.

neo n003 pricing

In comparison the JiaYu G4 will only offer a smaller 1800mAh battery and 4.7-inch display at 999 Yuan (the larger battery model will cost a little more) and the Umi X2 will feature a smaller 5-inch display (however it is reported to be a 1080p model).

We haven’t heard any official release notes for the Neo N003, but we could expect an official announcement in March with phones going on sale in either April or May.

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  • AndroidFreak

    nothing less than 1080p cuts it for me…

    I could buy UMI X1 if i wanted 720p …sorry NEO NOO3

    • handride

      so the dual v quad glare wouldnt phase you?

  • geHuC

    What’s intriguing about that list is the SGS4 and SGN3…

  • Antonio

    Will they release smaller odel 4.7 inch as you mentioned in another article ? thanks

    • Yes I believe a smaller model is also in the works


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    • Airyl

      Umi X2 or the JiaYu G4 3000 mAh version.

  • Pete

    Any idea how much RAM this device is going to have? I think 1 GB is the minimum for smooth performance on ICS or higher versions of Android. The other specs listed look okay.