Quad-core Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Clone with 5.7-inch display

Quad-core Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Clone with 5.7-inch display


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 hasn’t even been launched yet, but that hasn’t prevented China based, Century Electronics Group, from manufacturing a quad-core MT6589 equipped clone!

Clones of Samsung Galaxy Note phablets are ten a penny here in China. Some aren’t worth the plastic they are shoddily slapped together from, while others like this Note 3 clone look like quite the investment!

samsung galaxy note 3 clone box

Marketed simply as the Note 3 and shipped in rather plain box, this Galaxy Note 3 clone looks very similar in design to the GooPhone N2, but rather than using an older dual-core MT6577 CPU this Chinese phablet uses the more powerful and efficient Mediatek MT6589 quad-core chip.

quad-core samsung galaxy note 3 clone

The Note 3’s screen is a 5.7-inch 720p IPS unit, there is a 5 mega-pixel front camera and 8 mega-pixel rear, while 1GB RAM helps out the 1.2Ghz 4-core chip and 8GB ROM plus ann SD card reader handle storage.

dual sim samsung galaxy note 3 clone

According to the specs this knock-off will run on GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz 3G: WCDMA 2100MHz, networks GSM / GPRS / EDGE / UMTS / HSDPA / HSUPA. 802.11n Wi-Fi, GPS, A-GPS and Bluetooth 3.0 are all onboard too.

Pricing hasn’t been mentioned just yet, but prices shouldn’t be much more than 999 Yuan ($160).

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  • Lovetz

    This is Star N9589

  • maz

    first of all ,thank you very much for your great articles and this website is just amazing .
    I need your advice about buying a chinese android handset .
    There are alot and i need to know how can i check a handset and know its specs ,ie cpu ram etc , before buying it from the store .
    thanks again and keep up the great work .

    • Lovetz

      The best way to avoid mistakes when buying a Chinese phone – buy a Chinese brand phone. It’s brands like Zopo, THL, Star, ZTE, Huawei. They have official websites which published the parameters of their models.

      • maz

        thank you very much for your fast reply ,i really appreciate it .
        is there any app for detecting the real hardware of an android device .

  • Kaptain

    this is star n9589
    on pre order, start from $230

    • XrainX

      Thanks for the info! Another name is Ulefone N9589.
      I like the “buried” display. A very good solution to protect it. Amazing!

  • homeau

    where can i preorder this then???????????

  • XrainX

    You can find it on aliexpress.com

    • homeau

      Do you think it’s a good phone or do i just waste my money on it?

      • XrainX

        My one year old Star A9220 is still working today, and the display is perfect without any scratch even I never used any screen protector. I can’t guarantee if the new Star N9589 is better than mine, but I want to tell you some thoughts:
        Because I spent last year on it only $170, this year I can think to a quad core with Android 4.2 (I will wait for 4.2 I don’t want 4.1).
        But if would spent for a smartphone last year $500 can I think this year so easy to another smartphone?
        Technology is evolving too fast for me to buy an expensive smartphone so $200 is enough/year. One smarphone/year is maybe too much so I have hopes to keep for two years from now, starting with the new quad.

  • David

    I really like these phones but ive had a bad xperience. I bought a Star N8000 form digimaxonline via amazon. It lasted less than 2 months. It got hot while using wifi, then a strip down the touch screen died. I was surprised as Star got great reviews. Im thinking of getting the Xtreamer Aiki a Taiwanese phone. Does anybody have any experience with this phone?

  • Has the 4.2.1 been released yet. I would like to get one. Also, How do I find out if it will work on my network? Does anyone use this in the U.S.? I need Virgin Mobile or T-Mobile phone.

  • lucio

    I wanna know if the note 3 comes all white color