Vivo X1S dual-sim support in a 6.55mm phone!

Last year BBK launched a new flagship Android phone with dual-core CPU, and advanced stereo audio named the Vivo X1. For early this year the X1 will receive a midlife update to become the Vivo X1s.

BBK’s Vivo brand launched the X1 last year as the worlds thinnest Android phone, with a body thickness of just 6.55mm. The title didn’t last long as Alcatel/TCL have since launched a 6.45mm phone, with similar hardware.

Gizchina News of the week

The X1 failed to capture many Chinese phone buyers imaginations due to the high price of 2500 Yuan, which even last year was considered far too costly for a dual-core MTK MT6577 phone even with impressive audio and licensed stereo technologies!

Vivo have now announced that the X1 will receive a mid-life update and become a dual-sim phone named the X1S. Rumours had suggested that the X1S would be a quaad-core MT6589 phone,unfortunately these have turned to be untrue and the X1S will keep the dual-core MT6577 chip.

The Vivo X1 is one of the few premium MT6577 phones on the market and features wireless charging, an 8 mega-pixel rear camera flush to the body and a well made alloy body.

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  1. XrainX
    March 1, 2013

    Of course there is always the same question:

    • cpurage
      March 2, 2013

      I’ll answer to your question (you asked more than 5-8 times on alot of posts) for all of them !!!
      Read carefully !!!

      Imagine the current situation … UMI X2 is 8,9 mm thin but the back cover and the middle housing of the phone is thicker and this is a Marketing trick “OOooh let’s make it to look like a Samsung the phone to have rounded corners”, that’s why it’s 8,9mm thick …

      and now imagine that the KooBee CoolMax have the same 2500 mAh (or higher) battery but the middle housing of the phone is betterly designed and this 2500 mAh battery will fit even in it’s 7mm body !!!

      You already saw the pictures of the disassembled JIAYU G4,

      the hole for the battery is not so wide, that’s why they have 2 x version and the on will be thicker because of the battery (idea and marketing FAIL) this is not a smart decision in my opinion, cause if the battery is thinner and larger and if the middle housing is designed propperly to have place for that kind of battery, like the KooBee middle housing (and that’s why the KooBee price will be higher because of the better design and better ideas made)… then all the phones will be thin and less than 8 mm 😀

      • airyl
        March 3, 2013

        The Umi X2 is 8.9 milimeters. The edges are tapered to make it look thinner than 8.9mm.

  2. Freeje
    March 2, 2013

    Dual core is so outdated now. Even the MT6589 is just a bit faster.

  3. rusbear
    March 2, 2013

    Yeah, just a bit… by 100% faster is only a bit.

  4. Cj Escuadro
    July 13, 2013

    Great review! X1S battery is a one thing to point. Some users have some concerns about that even me. I bought mine from Good thing they have good customer service and was able to help me out decide before I bought this one. Now I’m happy with it! 🙂