Video: UMi X2 Vs Freelander i30 Antutu shootout!

Could this be the first ever hands on video of the UMi X2 and the Freelander i30? Check it out for yourself after the jump!

The video below shows alleged samples of the UMi X2 and Freelander i30 (possibly the Newman N3) running side by side complete with an Antutu shootout! The real devices can be seen from 0.45 seconds and show the white UMi X2 on the left with a black Freelander i30 on the right!

According to the details provided in the video description the UMi X2 doesn’t have 2GB RAM, but instead is a 1GB RAM pre-production sample, which explains the slightly lower than expected 11,575 Antutu score. The Freelander i30 manages a slightly better 11,721 Antutu benchmark.

Thanks to Rafy for the great tip!

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