Zopo Zp980 to have worlds narrowest screen bezel

Last week our sources sent us these leaked photos of the 1080 HD Zopo ZP980 along with a few details of the new phone. What they forgot to mention though is that the ZP980 could boast the worlds narrowest bezel when launched.

Screen bezels have been getting thinner month on months since the start of the year. The first phone to really push the boundaries of …well.. screen boundaries was the Meizu Mx2 with it’s tiny 3.15mm edges. But those measurements are so last week, as Zopo plan to do better with 2.47mm on the upcoming Zopo ZP980.

Not only will the ZP980 offer super narrow screen boarders, but it will also be the first true flagship phone from the popular phone maker with a full 1080 display, quad-core CPU and 13 mega-pixel rear camera.

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