Zopo Zp980 to have worlds narrowest screen bezel

Zopo Zp980 to have worlds narrowest screen bezel


Last week our sources sent us these leaked photos of the 1080 HD Zopo ZP980 along with a few details of the new phone. What they forgot to mention though is that the ZP980 could boast the worlds narrowest bezel when launched.

Screen bezels have been getting thinner month on months since the start of the year. The first phone to really push the boundaries of …well.. screen boundaries was the Meizu Mx2 with it’s tiny 3.15mm edges. But those measurements are so last week, as Zopo plan to do better with 2.47mm on the upcoming Zopo ZP980.

Not only will the ZP980 offer super narrow screen boarders, but it will also be the first true flagship phone from the popular phone maker with a full 1080 display, quad-core CPU and 13 mega-pixel rear camera.

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  • Ratheesh

    Yes i saw more videos on youtube. Nice looking decent phone.

  • qidamin

    I don’t understand, my 2 years old HTC HD2 has already 3mm bezels!

    • GFD

      you are mistaken – HTC HD2 5,4 mm

    • GFD

      Zopo ZP980 – 3,87 mm. (title is wrong)

  • Anuj

    They are pricing it too high…On their Indian page it is priced higher then UMi X2…While UMi is offering better specs…They should rethink over price point…What you say @Andi?

    • fred

      Zopo will always be more expensive than UMI and for good reason i believe! Umi as a track record of poor quality, i will trust more zopo than UMI or even jiayu

      • yash3339

        Interesting. I’ve only used UMi out of the three, but I hear a lot of good reviews of the Jiayu. Have you used Jiayu and Zopo yourself? I’m thinking of getting myself a G4.

        • Anuj

          Have you used UMi…how was it…Very bad….???
          Still zopo provides good quality but they should atleast take a healthy competition with other Rivals…UMi is providing just double the specs….at lower prices…Zopo should think over it…prices around $240-250 will be fine….

          • Guys if you’re happy to have to open your device to get your gps working (x1), fine with me but price is not the only thing I’m looking for… Also zopo provide support in English which is not the case of umi. Now i don’t have any stocks of zopo if you guys had zopo you will know what i’m saying

      • Anuj

        Still zopo provides good quality but they should atleast take a healthy competition with other Rivals…UMi is providing just double the specs….at lower prices…Zopo should think over it…prices around $240-250 will be fine….
        umi has better battery and better RAM/ROM

        • Zopo do have some advantages though. They always seem to launch on time, always have stock and the phones are available in a number of countries. JiaYu, and UMi can’t compete with this just yet.

          • Anuj

            Hi @Andi….So according to you the high price tag with less specs is justified…in case UMi and Zopo and all other china companies are new to India with no service support network yet…should we go for it or the prices can go down?
            Your opinion matters alot to many of us…Kindly guide us through…

          • Anuj

            And also both UMi and Zopo are new to india…And amazingly UMi has 2000+ likes on fb while Zopo has only 600+….
            So they are best in china but the efforts UMi is putting in…it can make them Better choice in India…So that the competition is tough and pricing should come according to competition..what you think?

    • Rob

      If you check the Italian site, you’ll see the the price is even a little over $50 higher then on the Indian site.

      • Alex

        That’s true, but you have to take in mind the service and garantee you get as a European buyer and above it all, You don’t have to worry about additional import tax if you order it from outside Europe

  • GFD

    ZTE Nubia Z5 – 2,67 mm.

  • Remco

    And 2000mah battery. Are tou ****** kidding me? That won’t be enough as full-hd 5 inch will eat battery like its chocolate.

  • Alex

    Maybe you’re right about eating it’s battery raw, but we are still not sure how efficent the MTK MT6589 will be. So that is speculation. Yes a bigger battery would be a big bonus, but if in this config. The phone lasts a day, than may people will be satisfied ’cause every frequent smartphone user is used to charge his bat. when or where ever he can. I’m getting this zp980 because I think it’s a great looking phone. Having said that, it’s pricey but you count on the release date, which can’t be said about Jiayu (the G4 can take months before it’s on sale). I’m using a Sony Xperia S at the moment and don’t really want a bigger phone so I have to opt for a smaller screen or the more expensive zp980 which has virtually the same dimensions as my Xperia S

  • Whyzor

    The Iocean X7 & Jiayu G4 videos show similar screen bezel proportions. The ZOPO 2.47mm claim may be a bit of a number stretch.

  • Sere83

    Really nice looking device, it is too expensive for MTK6589 though, too close to Xiaomi Mi2 price after export price bumps, Jiayu G4 and iOcean 7 seem like better value, this looks well built though, nice design too.

  • Val

    Does anyone knows if there will be a Full HD version of the ZP950+ phablet?

  • Just got the Zp910, and quite happy with it. I’ll buy later this year the Zp980+ … 😉
    However still no dual 3G sim support from MT6589 chipset as initially promised…we have to wait for the next chip version probably.

  • Pre-order in Italy from 299 Euros.