Sunle S4 first ever Samsung Galaxy S4 knock-off

2013’s flagship smartphones have been out just a few months, but that’s plenty of time for Chinese manufacturer Sunle to announce the Sunle S4 Samsung Galaxy S4 knock-off!

Knock off Android phones aren’t as common as they once were in China. However, while most brands are hard at work carving our a niche for themselves others are more than happy to rip-off another company.

Chinese phone maker Sunle have opted for the easier know-off route with their quad-core Android phone the Sunle S4. As the name suggests this is a Chinese made Samsung Galaxy S4 clone which runs Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean out of the box.

Although outwardly the Sunle S4 looks like a flagship device, the hardware doesn’t quite follow with most of the spec being on par with most ‘Youth’ versions of popular Chinese phones. The 5-inch display has a resolution of 1280 x 720, their is just 1GB RAM and the phone isn’t using the latest version of Jelly Bean.

samsung galaxy s4 knock off

There are a few highlights though such as dual-sim support, 32GB of on-board memory and also an SD card reader, but we can think of a handful of more imaginative and better spec’d Chinese phones heading for launch this month we would be more happier to spend our money one.

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