JiaYu G4 to get OTG function

The JiaYu G4 won’t go in to production until next month and in the extra waiting time it looks like JiaYu’s engineers are slipping in some nice extras including OTG function.

USB OTG (on-the-go) allows devices such as phones or tablets to act as a host for other plugged in equipment. This enables a smartphone to connect to an SD card reader, USB thumb drive or even portable hard drive and read, move and copy files. The feature is perfect for those of you on the go who want to be able to move movies, video, photos and other data without the need of a PC.

Although this feature isn’t all that new, it is only just getting used by some Chinese phone makers. The Xiaomi Mi2, Neo N003 and now the JiaYu G4 will all offer OTG!

It’s great to see JiaYu making the most of the extra time they have with the G4 before launch, let’s just hope that these added extra’s don’t add to the development time and delay the phone further still!

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