Chinese Xiaocai G6 completes the Xiaomi M2s clone look with MIUI ROM

The Xiaocai G6 burst on to the Chinese phone scene a few weeks ago, boasting an impressive specification and low-price tag. The Xiaomi M2s clone now has a new trick up it’s sleeve with official MIUI ROM support!

The G6 is a great looking phone in it’s own right. It offers a 5-inch 720p display, quad-core CPU and 13 mega-pixel rear camera all for just 888 Yuan ($143). Even with the great price and spec though, some have been concerned that the Xiaocai G6 would lack support for custom ROM’s.

Xiaocai have responded to this concern by launching a MIUI ROM for the G6 giving the 5-inch phone the same great user interface Xiaomi owners (and other supported devices) have been enjoying for a few years now.

Anyone who is thinking of picking up a Xiaocai G6 will also be happy to know that more custom ROM’s are on the way.

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