Save $10 on the all new quad-core UMi S1!

Some of you may think that UMi are on a go slow and are dragging out the launch of the X2, however while everyone might be talking about their flagship phone they have actually launched 2 other quad-core machines which you can buy right now!

The UMi S1 is one of those machines, and the fact that it is already on the market proves that UMi are able to launch a phone in just a short time! We first caught wind of the UMi S1 around a month ago and were taken aback by the excellent specification and HTC Butterfly inspired body. Now just a few weeks on the S1 is on sale!

Like the UMi X2 the UMi S1 boasts a 5-inch display, but to keep costs low the resolution is 720hd rather than 1080p. On the inside though this HTC Butterfly wannabe has the same quad-core Mediaek processor as it’s bigger brother, coupled together with 1GB RAM, 8GB built-in memory, Micro SD card, and 2000mAh battery.

Camera’s are up to scratch too, with the front video chat unit being a 2 mega-pixel model and the rear an 8 mega-pixel sensor with LED flash. The phone also packs the latest version of Android, Jelly Bean 4.2.

To celebrate the launch of the UMi S1 online reseller Antelife are offering Gizchina fan’s a $10 discount when using the following promotional code: umis1

For more details and to order this quad-core UMi phone head over to the Antelife product page here.

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