Video: Big Cola 2 features 2GB RAM and ultra sensitive Synaptics display

Despite the silly name, the Big Cola 2 is an advanced Android smartphone and packs a ultra-sensitive Synaptics display which can be used with gloves and other objects.

Have you ever been out on a cold day, or while hiking/riding a bike etc only to miss a phone call because you couldn’t get your gloves off in time to unlock your phone’s screen? Or have you ever wished your phone could be used with a stylus for creating documents, art or playing games?

If so, then you will be wanting to keep your eyes on the news this coming Monday, when the Chinese smartphone, the Big Cola 2 gets’ official in Beijing! Not only is this yet another excellent phone with high-end features such as a quad-core CPU and 13 mega-pixel camera, but it also boasts an ultra-sensitive touch display.

The 5-inch display which is manufactured by Synaptics can be used as normal, with a gloved hand, or just about anything you have sitting on your desk! The video below shows the Big Cola 2’s screen been operated with a number of random objects from a car key, to an empty glass and even a banana skin!

Other great features include 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM, 3000mAh battery and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

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