JiaYu to demo JiaYu G4, G5, G6, S1 and S2 this weekend...

JiaYu to demo JiaYu G4, G5, G6, S1 and S2 this weekend in Shenzhen


JiaYu still haven’t announced the launch date for the JiaYu G4, but to put fans minds at ease they will be holding a show tomorrow where not only the JiaYu G4, but the G5, G6, S1 and S2 will be available to demo!

The Jiayu experience show will start at 2pm on Saturday (20th April) and last for 3 1/2 hours. During this time JiaYu fans will be met with reps from the company who will answer questions and concerns they might have.

More excitingly though is the news that JiaYu plan to have all their upcoming smart phone models on display for customers to get an early hands on preview! Of course the JiaYu G4 will be on hand, but more interestingly for us is that the JiaYu G5, JiaYu G6, JiaYu S1 and JiaYu S2 will be on hand too!

jiayu g5 leaked image

We already know that the JiaYu G5 is an iPhone inspired smart phone, and the S1 is a Snapdragon equipped flagship phone (spy photos can be seen above and below) but the JiaYu S2 and JiaYu G6 are new to us!

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for the new JiaYu models and will report details as soon as we get them.

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  • Leo

    Will you be going to the event Andi?

    • Nope, Im heading to Dalian for a downhill mountain bike race (mountain biking is my other passion)

      • lukis

        If I’m not mistaken, Japan and Russia fought in this port (Dalny)… Welcome to the nearest North Korea 🙂

      • Downhill (Y) great passion you have bro \m/

  • Fabrizio

    Apparently the admittance is restricted to who already own a Jiayu phone… Sounds weird.

    • Leo

      Well, that sucks. But I’m pretty happy with my Goophone I9 anyway.

  • J-Bird

    Don’t want to be negative nancy, but why go to an event where you can look at phones that won’t be released until 2017? Knowing JiaYu it’s all about showing phones, acutally delivering them is just not something they care about.

    • Jiayu are masters of hype, that is all this is

  • Brian from Manchester

    Jiayu Official have just started preselling the G5 at $399

    • Wow, pricey!!!!

    • Lola

      that’s just crazy they can’t even deliver the G4 and are already pre-selling the G5? c’mon unless they are going to launch all at the same time i don’t see the point and there’s no point in launching all in the same time either, i seriously don’t get their marketing method

  • yes again S5 is PRESELLING where did I hear that before …. 🙁

    • S5 is a star phone not JiaYu

      • me

        my mistake I meant G5

  • Lola

    OMG put a 4.7 inch display on the G5 and we have the design
    looking gorgeous but by the time they launch we all will be familiar with iphone 6 and 7

  • nawrot

    any news when G3 quadcore will be on sale (at least in China)?

  • John

    I’m still waiting for an official confirmation of the Jiayu G3 quad core version! It’s on presale on some websites but the specs (especially the OS) are different on each one

  • krab

    g6 ?

  • Now I’m worried. If G5 costs $399…Jiayu S1 will cost…$500? Well…I think I can save some money until 2017…XDDD

    • yash3339

      No, you need ‘only’ $160 till 2017, the G4 costs only that much. hahaha

    • Lola

      😀 for that price you can actually save for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the specs would still be better..

  • Israel state

    Jiayu you lost me you a funny company

  • an alternative phone for Jiayu G4 ? pls somebody?

    • Lola

      i would say UMIX2 in terms of specs and price, but someone posted a link to an unboxing video for the G4 so maybe you won’t have to wait that long 🙂

      • Peter

        OK, can you give us the link for that G4 unboxing video?

        • Peter


          Here is the unboxing video…
          Is it available now?

        • Peter

          I see thar the Jiayu G4 has no CE conformity signs/marks.
          That is not good.
          Custums send that phones return to china, if it has no CE (Conformitee European) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Lola

            what do you mean? they have an official distributor in Spain, so i think that won’t be a problem

          • Peter

            Yes, if the phones are in europe, then there is no problem.

            But, if europeans buy directly in cn, then it could be that customs send the phones return.

        • Peter

          And I can see only one IMEI number.
          Is this correct?
          One IMEI for a dual standby phone…

          Why has other DS phones 2 IMEI numbers?

          So as this one…

        • Lola

          here’s the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ezAwzBet29Q
          but i’m guessing you’ve found it already

      • Peter

        And I can see only one IMEI number.
        Is this correct?
        One IMEI for a dual standby phone…

        Why has other DS phones 2 IMEI numbers?

  • Indraneel

    What happened in Shenzen Andi ???? Plz respond . I am excited