Meizu MX3 renders show curved display and tapered body

More Meizu MX3 concepts released, this time showing a new tapered design and extremely curved glass display.

Meizu fans are frantically trying to pry some news out of the company about the upcoming Meizu MX3, however Meizu are keeping quiet and seem tied up with development of the latest version of the FlyMe ROM, FlyMe 3.0.

So with the lack of official word, fans have resorted to producing their own concept artwork, examples of which can be seen here.

meizu mx3 concept

From the Meizu MX3 renders we can make out some rather cool features. The body appears to be made of alloy machined in to a tapered ‘tear drop’ shape and features LED power indicator lights along the edge.

The back of the phone seems to be completely flat while the display curved from edge to edge and then toward the base of the phone where the on-screen navigation and home buttons are located!

While the designs here are really incredible we don’t expect something so radical from the Chinese boutique phone maker. Instead we believe the MX3 will look similar to the MX2 but with a larger display and even narrower screen bezels.

How about you guys?

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