Vivo Xplay video hands on plus specifications, pricing and more

Vivo Xplay video hands on plus specifications, pricing and more


The Vivo Xplay has seriously blown me away! Not only is it the first Vivo phone with a sensible price, but it offers some seriously amazing features all packed in a sleek design.

Vivo Xplay Promo Video

Vivo Xplay Hardware

Hardware details for the Vivo Xplay have been known for a while, but let’s just go over them quickly one more time.

Starting with at the front the display is a 5.7-inch OGS display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 offering full HD video resolution and playback. Above the screen there is a wide-angle 5 mega-pixel camera, and sitting below are the usual Android navigation buttons. In true 2013 form the screen bezels are ultra thin measuring just 2.3mm.

Vivo xplay rear

Turning the Xplay over and you fill find the 13 mega-pixel Sony sensor with LED flash along with NFC, under which (and crammed in to the 7.99mm thick body) sits a generous 3400mAh battery.

While were on the inside, the Xplay features a 1.7Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core SoC, 2GB RAM, Adreno 320 graphics, options for either 16GB or 32GB ROM and for you music lovers there an OPA2604 operational amplifier to boost the Cirrus Logics stereo sound.

vivo xplay side

  • More Vivo Xplay photos here

If you are drooling at that list of hardware and you don’t live in China prepare to have your heart-broken as the Xplay only supports WCDMA 2100 or GSM 850/900/1800/1900.

Vivo Xplay hands on demo

Vivo Xplay software and gestures

While there are few surprises in the hardware department the software on the Xplay is overflowing with cool features from a single-handed “Free Touch” mode to hand gestures.

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vivo xplay free touch

Image source

Free Touch is what Vivo have named their feature for operating the Xplay single-handed, simply shaking the phone activates a small window which mirrors the main screen and allowing you to control the phone with just your thumb.

Vivo have also thrown in some nice gesture controls which allow you to turn a page by waving in front of the phone, the ability to mute the phone by covering the front, and launching apps by hovering your finger over them.

Vivo Xplay moving photos video

Vivo Xplay release date and price

The 16GB Xplay is available for preorder in China for 2998 Yuan ($480) a 32GB version will be available from the middle of May but pricing hasn’t been confirmed. As you have probably guessed, the Xplay isn’t likely to go on international sale any time soon, however this could change.

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  • Norman Zakaria

    Holy shit i’m drooling over my keyboard..

  • Aditya

    Non removable battery Andi?

    • non removable yes

  • Traveller

    Hi Andi,

    I am not an expertise on telecommunications issues. So what do you mean when pointing out this device doesn´t work out of WCDMA 2100 or GSM 850/900/1800/1900? If one lives in Europe as it´s my case what does this would imply?

    • WCDMA is the 3G standard for China and isn’t compatible in many places. You would have to check with your carrier, but the Xplay might only work on slower GSM frequencies in most countries.

    • njren

      The 2100 band of WCDMA is pretty global and is the go-to radio band of 3G service. If you’re cheaping out on hardware, it’s the one 3G standard you use to cover much of the world. 2100 works on mobile carriers in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil. It does not work in the USA, Canada and most of Latin America.

      Do not confuse it with TD-SCDMA, which is a China-only standard. Vivo, incidentally, plans to release a TD-SCDMA version of the Xplay in the future.

      • I’m trying to confirm the bands now, but as it stands it still appears to have WCDMA 2100 and GSM.

  • Simon

    So does it work in Europe then ?

    • Bang jack

      Absolutely working

    • njren


    • I made a mistake while writing it up. Still confirming the specs but if it is as I have said in the article it should be ok

  • The device actually looks and performs pretty amazing. Also as pointed out in the article it is the first Vivo to be priced sensibly. Just that I’m not a phablet user.

  • Also, the bezel looks more than 2.3mm to me.

  • t3k1lla

    hi, it’s impossible to pre-order it when you live outside china… andi, do you know trustable stores where i can order it?

    thank you

    • I’ve only seen Chinese sites listing it at the moment. I am really tempted to get one for myself it looks amazing!

      • t3k1lla

        do you know trustable chinese stores? between all of them on the internet i don’t want to be robbered so your experience is welcome 🙂 (and sorry for bad english it’s not my mother tongue)

        • Here you go, but I don’t think they will ship outside China
          p.s your English is fine 🙂

          • t3k1lla

            but you, where do you order? i already tried but nothing outside china

            • I live in China

          • t3k1lla

            i sent you email 😉

            • I just spoke to you on Facebook 🙂

          • t3k1lla

            didn’t receive message on facebook, sent it one (maybe you contacted the wrong person)

          • t3k1lla

            hello andi, did you receive my pm on facebook?

  • Hi Andy can u suggest any good mobile android 4.2 from china site who can deliver to India at around USD400

  • Bhawanishankar Arya

    Hi, Myself is new for this forum! I live in india. How can i purchase this phone online & at what exact cost with custom claerence?

  • Rahul

    Hello andi.I am really interested in this phone.Will vivo xplay work in india.And can i but this phone at pls tell me.

  • allegro16

    Unfortunately, Vivo doesn’t looks to be interested in international sales:
    We had a written agreement with them to recieve and review a Xplay 32GB, which they suddenly backed out of today.. (Via QQ) Not all that professional or trustworthy..

  • nexgen

    how to root vivo xplay ?
    Need cwm or Twrp

  • JC

    I just got the vivo x-play, wondering if you can help. A lot on the phone is still in Chinese, I selected English but as I said a lot stayed Chinese. Thank you

    • I guess those are custom apps with no English support.

      • Jignesh

        Hi andi can we root the mobile?

    • Jignesh

      can you just breif about the mobile, worth too buy it?

      • JC

        All in all I love the phone. It’s a little big compared to my iPhone lol. The phone may have been routed. We did try but had a hard time installing the drivers. I brought it to a phone shop and they installed some new interfaces. I’ve since deleted most if the Chinese. So yes I would recommend it!

        • Jignesh

          was eagerly waiting for your reply

  • nexgen

    i have build a little toolkit with auto load cwm root playstore more locale and some tool
    you can find it here
    update your phone and after go to cwm and root
    all ota update remove root
    do not flash cwm only load from batch it s more secure for update
    always cwm before update if an update brik our vivo you have the backup and you can restore
    i use clockworkmod super su zip and work find

  • Frank Wu

    Anybody find an app that can mount an NTFS HDD without rooting!!