Geak launches China’s first Android smartwatch and ring!

Geak launches China’s first Android smartwatch and ring!


As well as their very impressive Android smartphones, Beijing based Geak also launched their Geak Smartwatch this afternoon priced at $320!

The Geak smartwatch features a 1.55-inch touch display, 512mb RAM, 4GB ROM and a 1Ghz processor running Android 4.1 with Geak’s own custom interface. The idea behind the wearable device is that it will connect to your Android smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 and display notifications from messages, emails and your social networks along with weather details and media player controls!

Geak have bundled in a number of sensors to their watch including magnetic sensors for a compass, digital thermometer, GPS, NFC, WIFI, Bluetooth 4.0 and even an FM radio!

geak range launched china

Pricing is 1999 Yuan ($320) and it will be available here in China from July 3rd. If the Geak Watch is too costly you might be interested the Geak Ring which costs just 199 Yuan ($32) and packs a 99 year battery!

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  • Ring? Does this have a display of some sort?

    • No, not entirely sure what it does yet. Perhaps monitors your pulse or something?

      • J-Bird

        The Geak Ring – which has a claimed stand-by battery life of 99 years – seems to have three main functions: it can optionally be used to securely unlock your Geak phone, to bump your contact details to someone with the same device, and to keep your device awake when you’re holding your Geak phone in proximity to the ring.

        • fonix232

          So basically an NFC/RFID tag within a ring? But then why does it need a battery?

          • It doesn’t. But I guess by the time the fool wearing it realises that it doesn’t need a battery, they’ll probably be dead 🙂

  • sakthibruce

    can u explain the ring

  • Aditya

    Hmmm. You could just have an old version of Android for the watch! Its just to recive notifications right? I don’t think it needs so much cool features!

    • airyl

      Actually, I like the idea of NFC on a smart watch.

  • manish

    can you give me the website of geak and also some more detail of it..

  • anon

    No e-ink smartwatch is fail

  • Boki
  • ubiratamuniz

    An old joke:

    A Polish tourist comes back home after visiting the USSR. He carries two very large and heavy suitcases. On his wrist is a new Soviet-made watch. He tells the customs man: “This is a new Soviet watch. It’s a wonder unknown in the capitalist countries. You see, it shows time, the rate of your pulse beats, the phases of the Moon, the weather in Warsaw, Moscow, and New York, and more and more!”

    “Yes, it’s a wonder,” the customs man agrees. “And what is it you have in these big suitcases?”

    “Oh, it’s just the batteries for that watch.”

    When I read about that smartwatch, all I could remember was this joke. Replace “Soviet” with “Chinese”, and voilà.

    Don´t get me wrong. I use Chinese gadgets (we have two Zp900 at home), but a smartwatch from a Chinese company I never heard about, most likely will have battery duration issues.

    • sakthibruce

      nice joke above

    • I think this company is actually backed by Shanda who are one of China’s largest online game developers. They’ll have millions of Yuan at the disposal for development (just hope they have used it wisely)

      • ubiratamuniz

        I know, Andi, but I am hardly noticeing (not only for Chinese companies, but worldwide companies) any noticeable improvement on batteries. All that they care about these days is adding as many funcionalities as possible and making thinks look nice.

        On the other hand I don´t see any consumer-ready improvement in battery technology on the last years or so. They add and add, and make things look thinner, and battery life goes down the drain.

        That obsession on making the thinnest Android phone for me is nonsense. THey do look nice, but I´d rather have a, say, 2mm thicker phone, with lots of extra battery time, thank a thinner one that looks nice and would have a dead battery if I stay away from an outlet for more than 15 hours.

        maybe in the future we´ll have to carry around suitcases with batteries like the joke I told, eh? =)

  • robbiewang

    Hi, I am looking into buying a android phone from China. I found one on ebay
    I am wondering if this phone really works in Rogers network ? I am here in Canada.

    • phil

      All Canadian provider uses 3g bands 850/1900 (except videotron which is on 1700/2100 like verizpn in the usa. )
      This phone (if description is right) cover the 850 band so it should work with rogers. Be sure thqt the description is right. Chineese seller tend to write specs they ‘re not sure about.

      Try THL phones. They are all on 850. I own one and it’s ok for the price.

  • Ronnie Katsie

    Today i received my Jiayu G4 here in Uganda East-Africa all i can say its really more than i expected i bought it USD 230 by my cousin who was in Hongkong last week but im really impressed compared to G3 ive been using. Big up Jiayu

  • sotong

    Guys maybe the ring is just a fashion accessory & nothing else. They want to make you think that the ring has super powers but it could just possibly a ring…like the one in Lord of the Rings….”Preciooooooousss”.

    • Chinese tech sites have actually been calling this the “Lord of the Rings” 🙂

  • Bnpyc