Xiaomi Mi3 prototype leaked, 3GB RAM and 5.5-inch 1080 display!

We have seen plenty of leaked photos of the Mi3, but this purported Xiaomi Mi3 prototype nicely brings everything together!

This image of a leaked Xiaomi Mi3 prototype has been doing the rounds this morning, and although I am excited to see the full phone for the first time I’m not all that surprised by the angular design as we have already seen it here.

What has shocked us though are the supposed specifications for the Xiaomi Mi3 which have changed quite a bit from what we have heard before. Sources who took this spy photo claim that the screen on the Mi3 isn’t a 5-inch unit but a much larger 5.5-inch 1080 panel! That’s a huge upgrade from the current Mi2S which measure just 4.3-inch.

The next shocking updated is the amount of RAM the Mi3 is claimed to be using. 3GB is the new figure! The rest of the hardware details remain unchanged from previous reports including the 13 mega-pixel rear camera, 5 mega-pixel front, 3600mAh battery, built-in NFC and new HIFI quality stereo.

August 16th is the date we expect the Xiaomi Mi3 to launch, and you can be sure that as soon as the phone is on sale I’ll be picking one right up!

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