Xiaomi Mi3 prototype leaked, 3GB RAM and 5.5-inch 1080 display!

Xiaomi Mi3 prototype leaked, 3GB RAM and 5.5-inch 1080 display!


We have seen plenty of leaked photos of the Mi3, but this purported Xiaomi Mi3 prototype nicely brings everything together!

This image of a leaked Xiaomi Mi3 prototype has been doing the rounds this morning, and although I am excited to see the full phone for the first time I’m not all that surprised by the angular design as we have already seen it here.

What has shocked us though are the supposed specifications for the Xiaomi Mi3 which have changed quite a bit from what we have heard before. Sources who took this spy photo claim that the screen on the Mi3 isn’t a 5-inch unit but a much larger 5.5-inch 1080 panel! That’s a huge upgrade from the current Mi2S which measure just 4.3-inch.

The next shocking updated is the amount of RAM the Mi3 is claimed to be using. 3GB is the new figure! The rest of the hardware details remain unchanged from previous reports including the 13 mega-pixel rear camera, 5 mega-pixel front, 3600mAh battery, built-in NFC and new HIFI quality stereo.

August 16th is the date we expect the Xiaomi Mi3 to launch, and you can be sure that as soon as the phone is on sale I’ll be picking one right up!

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  • laon

    K900 it is.

    Also pass, 5″ is the limit for me. Guess I’ll see Jiayu S1 instead, hopefully it’s not going to be a long wait (ha yeah right).

  • LUMIA !

  • erythrocytes

    3gb? Cool. I hope it’s LPDDR3, but anyway, I haven’t been able to see much difference in performance between it and 2 yet, although it’s clearly present in Antutu (compare i9500 and M7, most difference comes from RAM).

    I guess it won’t cost anything below 450$ with shipping when it comes out. If it does, ‘big-name’ brands will suffocate and die.

  • Johnny W

    5.5”??? I was hoping for a 5″ max.

    • liljohn

      cheer up bro, it look expensive, just like samsoong note series! its not really that big, u can still hold it using one hand…

      • laon

        Do you know him personally? How do you judge people you only know from a line of words?

        • liljohn

          why so serious???

          • laon

            i kne w rite maet

          • Jobayer

            why so curious???

    • cpuzz

      No way. I have an LG optimus G pro. And the screen is big and fantastic. The skinnier screen makes it much more weidly than a fat note 2

  • Alex

    Why must the corners be so 90°? I would rather see the zero bezel screen size and more rounded corners. This phone seems like it could cut through cloth liners in jean pockets after a while lol. Also seems like a finger print magnet… Other then that the specs seem fine, though the price will probably suck… Ohh and a front flash would be interesting and pull away from the herd…

    • wurstt

      because curvy phones look like an ugly toy and like every other phone from Apple and Samsung. It’s good to see something different like HTC One, Xperia Z and this Xiaomi. Just my Opinion.

      • laon

        I’ll take usability over “being different”

        Oh and I take that when everybody start using sharp corner you’ll look for curvy phone then?

        • wurstt

          Nope, i’ll look for a flexible phone then

  • liljohn

    OMG!!! drooling drooling drooling!!!

    honestly i also prefer the edges to be a bit curvy, but the desing in the pic is not that bad, it is like xperia z….

    is the battery removable? microsd slot?

    is the $320 price tag real???

    • Jobayer

      Yes 320 dollars like their older phone , but it this should a also be taken with a bit of salt 🙂

      • liljohn

        yes, but if ur not in china, you wont feel the magic! i have a felling resellers price will reach $550????

  • Haha, nice watermark Andi ! ^^

  • liljohn


    • Jobayer

      i Hope so , i like 5 in better .

  • Pete

    5,5 inch, I am out. I was sceptical with 5 inch, but said “yeah it is a Xiaomi, they do always good stuff”. BUT now with 5.5 inch I have to look for other phones.

    PLEASE don’t make this mistake, who needs such big phones. Bloody Samsung started this shit with the Notes

    • laon

      I agree. At 6.5″ might as well call it a tablet that could use phone network, at 5.5″ it’s simply not great at either.

      • Jobayer

        I agree man !

  • talk2ekpa

    I’m giving a high credit to this company. Why? Because of its secret marketing skills. As a management student, any company who can not protect its information is easily and always beaten down by competitor… And in this line, credit to xiaomi.

    Guess no one here has been able to predict them, even Andi himself who tells us of his reliable source, yet xiaomi is still playing us around. Well that is very good for them.

    About the image, it cool, but how on earth will xiaomi, from all our experience with this previous device design, make a flagship with 90° edge point. Even the xperia z has a little curve by the edge.

    3gb of RAM sound cool… But let just wait and see. 16th August may take another turn… 🙂

    • Robin Hood

      I’ll manage you *evil laugh*

  • de heer kaseem

    if it atlest 5inch this is it i buy on the 1ste day i like big screen smarphone itz shame only galaxy note is havin succes i was hopin xiaomi ever think about qhone like 5inch 5.5inch or even 6inch alot of people like huge 1080p screen

  • guau

    saving 450$ for a 64gb version xD

  • leon

    im okay with an angular design but they could have at least slightly rounded the corners as seen on the xperia z.edges are too pointy

  • Jeremy

    Slight curves, like on the Xperia Z are perfect. Overly curvy corners are ugly. Just look at the Galaxy S3/S4 – an embarrassment in public when using it next to the Xperia Z or the HTC One.

    Function over form? Please, that depends on the individual. You may well not care about how the phone looks because you are more concerned about how it performs, but many people place a lot of importance on design and form factors – external appeal, so to speak. It’s a very individual thing, and I feel companies should place serious effort into designing really good looking phones – Samsung doesn’t cut it, too bland and curvy for my taste.

    OTOH, almost everyone drools at the sight of the HTC One – I think this phone has set the standard when it comes to finish and form factor – It’s a head turner.

    You couldn’t care, that’s understandable – you have no taste beyond admiring a plastic shell that just works – Others? They’d not buy such tasteless designs even if it had a 80 core processor. I’m one of them, excessively nit-picky about design, and I know there are many like me.

    I hope the next Samsung phone (S4 successor) comes with a aluminium/metal finish and at least somewhat appealing looks – the current S4 and S3 are bashed by almost every blogger/user with even half a taste.

    (And ripped jeans and clothes? Are you serious? What’s your attire made of? Ripped and leaking condom sheets? Ridiculousness at its best).

  • Simon

    If it’s 5.5″ that is a huge disappointment.

  • gothikserpent

    remember people this is only a prototype things might change between now and august

  • Jason

    5.5 inch is maybe too big for me, 5 inch would be perfect for me.

    I am also hoping they are using the Sanpdragon 800 processor and not the Tegra 4 processor. Maybe the costs of the Tegra 4 processor is cheaper than Snapdragon 800 and that’s why they are using this processor.

    I also wish they have put a larger camera sensor size in the phone. The upcoming Sony flagship model Honami i1 seems to have a 20MP 2/3″ BSI Exmor R sensor. This sensor size can also be found in high-end compact camera’s.

  • hoang vung

    @ Andy: I’m using xiaomi mi2. Could you give me an advice that should I replace the current 2000mAh with 3000mAh baterry?

    • I am thinking to for my trip abroad less hassle than having to charge it.

  • liljohn

    maybe its just a survey by xiaomi, they purposely leaked the pic, to collect fans opinion…..5″ is gut, 5,5″ is still acceptable, for me it looks exclusive like a sgnote

  • Simon

    Hopefully the size will be limited to 5″ and not less than 4.7″. I want a phone not a phablet !!

  • Judah

    any idea where they possible will sell these?
    Maybe I can buy it via Taobao or something?

    It must be really really hard to get.

    I also can’t find the No.1 S6 plus anywhere..
    Only @ fastcardtech, but it is still out of stock.

    • Wait until it launches

      • Judah

        I live in the Netherlands, it will be really hard to get, but any idea where to buy the No.1 S6 (it has 2gb ram and 32gb rom right)?

  • liljohn

    how about 5,3″???

  • Simon

    If it is greater than 5″ may have to go for the Nubia Z5 Mini or even Jiayu S1 !

  • Simon

    Thats a relief (then I can justify having both a Xiaomi smartphone & tablet).

  • Liljohn

    Indeed! Why bother using a full hd resolution on a small screen??? Its pointless, imo, for phone under 5” 720p is enough

    • Liljohn

      @de heer kaseem

  • shoe

    I think the phone here and the one from: (https://www.gizchina.com/2013/07/10/xiaomi-mi3-appears-again-this-time-from-the-rear-and-it-isnt-5-5-inch/) are different phones. This one has sharp corners and the white one has smoothed corners.

    Possibility of 2 different models?..

    • I think Xiaomi are just being clever and keeping everyone off the scent. Last year was the same, no one knew what the Mi2 would look like until the day it launched as there were so many false ‘leaked’ and ‘spy’ photos.

      • laon

        Were there any that actually got it right?

  • Johnny W

    If the Xiaomi is a 5″ then im definitely gonna go for it. Too bad i dont live in China:(

  • Waris

    looks like a step backwards from xiaomi to me.

    Rectangular design is not good for balance of the phone in the hand, its edges will not make the phone feel good in the hand. The rectangular design will also deny users hand positions and this is especially important when the screen is 5+ inches large. This xiaomi mi3 will not have good handling and IMO should follow samsung gs4 design.

    MiUI has as positive in terms of being very good for 1 handed use. A 5″ large screen is not really compatible with the xiaomi philosophy.

    Lastly, this phone is rumoured to run a tegra 4 processor, when a much better processor called the snapdragon 800 is out there. Yes the tegra 4 has very good gpu power, but at the cost of battery life. Gpu power is not important even if you are playing android games which are not demanding.

    Also 1080p screen is very good but also i have doubts that the MiUI themes will support 1080p resolution. If the themes are made with a size of 720p for older Mi devices then having a 1080p screens won’t be any useful apart from for looking at blank colours.

  • Jose Amarildo

    I believe that Xiaomi is doing bullshit. 5.5 inches is too big. 5 polegas is the limit for me.

  • jojo5211258

    anyway , next week xiaomi 3 will be published, we’ll see what happens.

    • Next month you mean

      • liljohn

        any news on microsd slot for mi3?

  • sakthibruce

    love it if it has pen caliberation like sony ultra has

  • liljohn

    fir those who think 5″ is big, please get a paper and draw 5″box, is it big enough? NO, it is SMALL! then draw 5,5″ box, is it too big? NO again! its not really that big at all!

  • Curt

    I was wondering if August 16th is the official release date for the MI Xiaomi Mi3? I cannot wait to pick this phone up. Used the MIUI rom off and on for my Samsung Galaxy S3 and would imagine it being way smoother and better on there actual phone. Let me know I am debating between the Xiaomi Mi3 and the Meizu MX3.

    • It’s the rumoured release date based on the previous two launches. I will certainly be buying one too along with the tablet if they launch it.