$44 discount on the Zopo ZP980 ultimate: 2GB RAM 32GB ROM

$44 discount on the Zopo ZP980 ultimate: 2GB RAM 32GB ROM


The latest GizChina readers offer gives you a $44 discount when ordering the Zopo ZP980 Ultimate edition with 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM!

We’ve tested pretty much all of the Zopo 1080 HD, 5-inch phones over the past few months and have have found them to be great performing handsets. Recently Zopo launched an updated and more powerful version of their Zopo ZP980. The new ‘Ultimate edition’ ,as some have dubbed it, features the same great 1.5Ghz MT6589T processor, 5-inch 1080 display and 13.1 mega-pixel rear camera, but adds 2GB RAM and 32GB memory to the mix!

The phone has only been available for a short time but is already getting rave reviews, one such review will be posted on GizChina in the coming days, plus we have managed to get GizChina readers a $44 discount on the phone when ordering through Antelife.

Antelife are currently listing the 2GB RAM version of the Zopo ZP980 at $349.99 but they have given us a discount code to bring the price down to a more affordable $305.

$44 discount code: gzp980u44

  • Zopo ZP980 Ultimate link.


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  • Adam

    Quick question is the back of the phone actually textured or is it just painted on?

    • hamsteyr

      It’s kinda painted on, but has a matte-ish feel.

  • creationsh

    I’m pretty sure its textured, except for the painted logo.

  • andrew

    Great phone in general with a price that is definitely right.
    Just wish the battery was bigger than 2000mAh.

    • hamsteyr

      Indeed, but as I find out, 2000mAh is more than enough to bring you through a day.

  • Qrious

    What is better: Xiaomi Mi2S or Zopo Z980?

  • josef

    Lol xiaomi mi2s is much better, it has snap Dragon 600 which is like twice better then mtk processor.

    • Qrious

      What about when comparing the 8MP camera of Xiaomi Mi2S and 13MP of Zopo Z980?

      • Ionutz

        8MP camera of Xiaomi Mi2S is better.

        • Harald


        • Qrious

          Thanks Ionutz.

      • The 13MP version of the Mi2s costs quite a bit more. At the same price, I’d still take the 8MP of a Xiaomi over the 13MP of a Zopo.

        • Qrious

          Yes, 32 GB is quite pricy. Hope it goes down when Mi3 arrives!

        • Jose Amarildo

          The weak point is the battery. The advantage of Zoppo is that it is dual sim.

  • sonia

    can we order it in india from antelife andy if yes what will be custom charges

    • hanu_blr


      ask the seller to declare it at lower price, like 40USD, that way it will not attract customs, I did buy zopozp100/JyG3 from fastcardtech, i did NOT pay any customs @ blr. suggest EMS shipping which is like 36USD,(10 xtra than normal shipping 25USD) u will get it in a weeks time, else u hv to wait longer to get ur product.

    • Amit

      You can buy it from zopomobiles india. It costs almost the same price

      • decapoda

        have they started delivering anything in India, yet?

        • sonia

          not available in india infact no 2gb ram phone from china or mmx available in india

    • Job_CF

      I have sent many things from UK to my relatives in India. They were sent as gift and never got whacked with duties. May be you could ask the seller to confirm if they could do the same.

  • Antiyochus

    poor battery only 2000mAh Battery 🙁 for this screen its nothing !
    if it was 3000mAh Battery or 4000 mAh its fine.

    • hamsteyr

      It’ll easily last you a day with constant usage. I know because that’s my photo and review they’re going to post in the coming days 😀

      • Where did you buy yours from?

        • hamsteyr


          It came with the Flip cover and another spare battery, delivered via DHL all for 330 USD.

          • Alex

            It is not working for me also. Tried it also with the specific link, without and from a different browser without logging in.
            Is it expired?

          • coolicool has zp980+ at $264.99,sir.

  • Ali

    when xiaomi slash price for m2s 32gb version?not 16gb

  • TerrorSpawn

    Does anybody has any experience with antelife? I can’t find any reliable reviews about them.

    • Have heard good stories about them. I usually prefer AliExpress, though.

      • TerrorSpawn

        Allright, thanks

    • flamer

      I bought this phone off them. It was in the post the day after I paid them. It was very good. much much better than the experiences I have had with aliexpress, because remember aliexpress is a meeting place of buyers and sellers so you may get stuck with a lemon for a seller or you may find a good ones it takes a lot more effort.

      • TerrorSpawn

        Cheers m8, thanks for your response!

      • Job_CF

        as Flamer said “aliexpress is a meeting place of buyers and sellers”.
        Buy from a seller with good ‘diamond’ ratings and and feedbacks (such as Hong Kong Goldway Electronic Co), pay using PayPal and the risk would be as low as any other internet seller.

  • Maze

    Hey – i just tried to purchase the phone – and the code didn’t work. does that mean it’s no longer a option to purchase bulk?

    • I checked and it worked with the link in the article

      • killermaze

        Thanks andi, tried it again and worked.

  • Mark_trus
  • Kykv

    does it supports wcdma 900Mhz?

  • ViktorNikolayenko

    Discount valid for how long? ty

  • Isnt it too risky to buy from them? There are many bad responses on their aliexpress account

  • silva

    this website is bad antelife

    not send for Portugal my contry

    • flamer

      just because they won’t send to your country doesn’t make them bad. I got ripped by TWO aliexpress traders in a row. then when I used antelife I had my phone in my hands after 5 days. and I live in New Zealand which is a place so far away you have probably never even heard of it.

      • Tratoris

        But you got your money back from aliexpress protection, right? You did NOT lose money?

  • Ask

    This code is still valid?

  • chuma2chuma

    hi it would be great if andy or abbie can get discount for jiayu phones or atleast latest g3s or g4 advanced

  • giannis

    they change it and dont send at Greece, very sad…

  • Atti

    Unfortunatly the cod dosn’t work ….

  • Atti

    I have try and the message (after I put in cart the linked item) is:Coupon code “gzp980u44” is not valid.

  • Esteban

    It doesnt work..i really wanted to buy it

  • TT

    Slightly off topic, but this does stop me from buying the phone outright: Are there any roms available for Zopo phones? I tried searching on google & baidu but the only relevant site I get is needrom.com, which for some reason says 403 Forbidden…

  • Steve Harman

    Tried to buy it via that link but the website says “Coupon code “gzp980u44″ is not valid.” 🙁


  • geo

    AnteLife Sucks Big Time because is not sending Greece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Shame on Them !
    Andi put some Presure on Them !
    THere are a lot of guys from Greece who want to buy !


  • Nico

    Coupons don’t work,can you contact antelife about it?and maybe give us a new coupon code,ty

  • Job_CF

    Tried to place an order at Antelife but I am also getting “Coupon code “gzp980u44″ is not valid” 🙂
    Antelife did not reply to my message either!

  • garen

    anyone knows how to make NETFLIX work on ZP980? thanks

  • Amir

    Coupon gzp980u44 does not work, please check whats up!

    • Perhaps they are out of stock

  • Amir

    Do you think you can get a coupon for the zp990? That would be awsome’

    • if you want a coupon,tell me,wish i can help you,sir.

  • Antonio

    Hi, they are stock but Coupon code “gzp980u44″ is not valid.