JiaYu S1 Official Specifications and Promotional images released

JiaYu S1 Official Specifications and Promotional images released


Many of you might have been excited about the JiaYu G4, but the JiaYu S1 is going to be in another league and have features never before seen on a JiaYu phone!

Where as rivals UMi, FAEA, NEO, Zopo and others have had a couple of 1920 x 1080 Full HD phones on sale for the majority of 2013, JiaYu have yet to release a phone with a 1080 display but that is all set to change.

jiayu S1 full specifications

The JiaYu S1 won’t only be the first JiaYu phone to boast s 1080 OGS panel, it will also be the first to boasts a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, NFC, wireless charging and a built in battery! Quite a lot of first for a new phone!

JiaYu S1 Full specifications

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Engineers at JiaYu sat the Snapdragon 600 powered phone with 2GB RAM has been scoring over 24,000 on Antutu Benchmarks and we can expect more from the final phone with full optimised software.

jiayu S1 full specifications

We have also previously learned that the S1 will be be based on a lightweight and rigid stainless steel chassis which also helps to move heat away from the quad-core Snapdragon 600 CPU.

jiayu S1 full specifications

Hopefully the specifications of the S1 won’t change to much before the phone launches as the level of kit, which includes Sony front and rear cameras, is right up there with the best of them! The JiaYu S1 could even be a major rival for the Xiaomi Mi3 if priced at 1999 Yuan ($320) which we believe is very likely!

jiayu S1 full specifications jiayu S1 full specifications

We’re not holding our breath that the JiaYu S1 will go on sale anytime soon, but we can’t help but be more than a little excited about this new phone!

What do you think of the level of hardware on the JiaYu S1? Is 1999 Yuan ($320) more or less what you thought the price might be?

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  • Benni

    I think it would be best to get it below the $300 USD mark as a good guide. Whilst the specs are excellent, it is bordering onto the Nexus price range and the recent price drops of the previous flagship generation. Furthermore, the exporters will turn the $320 USD into $400USD+ putting it at the same range as an OPPO Find 5 or Xiaomi top end..

    • asfaq

      the middle man screws us all.
      don’t know why they don’t let international buyers shop from them also I got a shocking news that
      these brands limit buyers only to mainland so they
      can pose as middleman retail sellers on most sites to make more profit.

      • anony

        business 101 I guess

    • Xum

      Selling overseas officially will require vendors to set up the whole support/warranty infrastructure in (at least one) foreign language. I guess they just can’t be bothered with it. They think they’ll be better off focusing on the home market first, and let the re-sellers risk dealing with foreigners. Heck, if some of those re-sellers will be clearly winning the foreign market, they can just buy them.

    • asd
  • johndoe

    I’ll be buying this as soon as it’s ready in autumn 2018!

  • Andreas

    Why no dual SIM card? I would love to use phone with the same processor, big memory, and dual SIM capability. It would be awesome 🙂

    • Airyl

      I think it’s because the Snapdragon processor doesn’t support dual sim cards.

      • 212th

        That’s not right, htc one dual sim does

  • No SD card 🙁
    I was hoping this Snapdragon phone might have it. Out of luck.

    There is no snapdragon phone from China with a SD slot, right ?

  • anony

    built in battery and no sd card? fail

    • Xum

      Apple envy, they want to make a new iPhone.

      • anony

        Either Apple or Google.

  • yoavst

    It is awful phone for 2016, when we’ll able to buy it

  • R. M

    Why android 4.1.2?!?!
    And not 4.2.x it makes no sense :-\

  • Antiyochus

    built in battery and no sd card? fail AGREE !
    they so stupid company


    From the experience we know that each feature Jiayu tries to build into a new phone takes approximately 6 months to make it happen. Hmm using elementary school math NFC + FHD + Snapdragon + Wireless Charging = 24 moths = 2 years.

    Sorry Jiayu I will pass this phone this time.

  • they should concentrate on building one phone than inventing new ones every day

  • Steve Harman

    At least we know where Zopo offloaded their excess inventory of C2 bodies. LOL!

    Nice spec but without dual SIM….narrr..

  • Simon

    Interesting, what happened to the G5 and G6 models ?

    • The G5 is in development still it’s coming but I bet it will be sometime

      • anony

        When is that sometime I wonder 😉

      • ste

        Hi andi I was the umi x2 broken screen owner, a quick question when do you think this Jiayu S1 will go to market I ordered one on dealsprime, will i get it soon do you think, thanks ste.

        • I don’t expect it for a few months yet

  • yash3339

    Specifications are impressive. But there’s nothing new we’re seeing here, and given JiaYu’s track record, the phone will be pretty out dated by the time we see it in the market. Nonetheless, NFC+Qualcomm+wireless charging is probably enough to put JiaYu on to the international map.

    • Simon

      If the Ubuntu Edge makes it to market, that will also be outdated.

      • yash3339

        Didn’t get what you mean to say, Simon?

  • Pete

    build in battery is ok, but 2300mAh for a 1,7GH with 5 inch screen. This thing will last a half day. WHY all the companies are not getting it that it isn’t the mm in tickness that is getting the phone better, no it is the extra hour in battery. Who

    • Airyl

      I don’t know this either. To be honest, if a phone is designed well enough, they CAN fit a huge battery into a thin, sleek design. The main proof of this is the Vivo Xplay, which is 8mm thick but has a monster 3400mAh battery. I think they’re just using the thin moniker to get smaller batteries in and lower costs.

      • anony

        It’s also a good deal bigger than this phone.

        • Airyl

          I’ll use my best frenemy to make sense of this. Samsung’s S4 has a 2600mAh removable battery in a 8mm phone. It’s not about the size, it’s about how well they’re designed.

          • anony

            Size also matter, if you don’t think it is then you’re deluding yourself.

            Try fitting that 3400mAH battery on your 8mm 5″ Samsung.

  • yannahzinha

    Built in battery = FAIL
    No SD card slot = FAIL
    No dual sim = FAIL

    Now let’s see how they’ll ruin G6 too. e_e

    • I think that the concept of removable batteries is overrated.

      • LinuxMint

        No, it isn’t. Not at all!
        Unless you crash the display, the battery is the weakest link in the whole of a mobile phone, limiting its lifespan and a plethora of usage scenarios (remote control, e-reader, WiFi-display, recorder, music-player, etc.pp) even after being discarded in its phone-only use.

      • anony

        I think the concept that the concept of removable batteries is overrated has been successfully implanted to ignorant mass by big corps who want nothing more than profit at the expense of user because of people like you.

    • Espresso

      Built in battery = FAIL
      No SD card slot = FAIL
      No dual sim = FAIL
      ….conclusion: iPhone, iPad, iPod = FAIL.
      Well if the iDevices are not a fail then this statement is a fail.

      The only concept is if they can produce something the market wants to buy. And I hope they produce a nice phone.

      Other then that, phone manufacturers tend to modify the specifications during the development. I’d not be surprised to see a dual sim with SD-card slot at a higher price.

  • LinuxMint

    Sharp display, does that mean it’s a top notch IGZO?

  • Yuki

    >SD card: No
    Instant fial.