7.3mm Oppo R819 , 3 ROM choices from launch!

Oppo continues to support fans and core Android users by offering the new Oppo R819 with 3 ROM choices from launch!

Oppo have just announced the launch of the mid-range Oppo R819, a phone which measures in at only 7.3mm thick and weighs just 110g! What is really exciting about the R819 though is the fact that 3 ROMs will be available for the phone soon after launch!

The R819 will ship with the standard ‘Oppo’ ROM, but the new Oppo Color ROM will soon be available and for those who want to run an Android phone as Google intended you will be able to install a stock Jelly Bean ROM to run on the phone!

oppo r819

Although thin the R819 still manages to squeeze in a 2000mAh battery, dual SIM support, quad-core processor, 8 mega-pixel rear camera with F/2.0 aperture, and 4.7-inch IPS screen with OGS technology. Gesture controls are also built-in to the OS allowing you to silence, wake or answer calls and the new ‘Signal processor’ enhances colour picked up by the Sony Exmor BSI rear lens!

All good stuff!

Oppo R819 Specifications

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Oppo R819 Press Release

OPPO R819 – Convenience without compromise

oppo r819

SHENZHEN – August 19, 2013 – OPPO today announced the launch of the R819, one of the thinnest and lightest smartphones in the world. Weighing in at just 110 grams, the R819 packs a sharp display, long-lasting battery life, and wide aperture camera into an ultra-thin 7.3 mm frame.

Let Nothing Weigh You Down

The R819 boasts a 4.7” IPS screen with OGS technology for amazing viewing angles and ample space for content. Encased in a slim frame of subtle curves and stylish metallic accents, the superior ergonomics make the R819 easy to hold, operate and carry with you.

R819 was built to simplify and improve your life; to offer you an impossibly thin and light smartphone without sacrificing the craftsmanship or functionality you’ve come to expect from an OPPO device.

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Let Convenience Compromise Nothing

Using this smartphone is simpler than ever before. Gestures let you control waking, answering and silencing your device with the slightest movements. You can wirelessly view your screen’s content on any other TV, tablet or device with Wi-Fi display and DLNA. And the 2000 mAh battery supports a long-lasting charge to get more out of your phone. R819 also has dual SIM card support so you can use two numbers at once and get more use out of just one device.

The R819 is outfitted with an f/2.0 aperture 8 megapixel Sony Exmor BSI back facing camera for great shots in low light conditions. The dedicated Image Signal Processor enhances the color of all of your pictures making them more vivid and lifelike. And the front-facing camera has an incredible 88 degree viewing angle to capture more background than ever before.

Your Device. Your Choice.

OPPO believes in having the freedom to run the operating system of your choice to get the experience you want from your R819. Use the original ROM, or install OPPO’s Color ROM, which will soon be available, for a completely fresh take on Android that was developed with OPPO fans and is frequently updated. R819 can also run Stock Android, the Android experience as Google intended, for a fast, smooth user experience with familiar Google apps.

You use your phone every day. It should be able to do everything you need with style, and without ever getting in the way. The R819 offers a stunning screen, great camera and a long battery life. A unique fusion of function and design, the R819 is convenience without compromise.

The R819 is available online for pre-order today and ships early September.

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