This Knock Off Xiaomi has a built-in mains plug for charging!

The Daxian N100i, aka Xiaomi Mi2S clone does away with external charges and packs its own built-in mains plug!

It has happened to us at one time or another, you’re out and about and your phone runs out of juice, you’ve forgotten you charger and you are in the middle of nowhere! What do you do!?

This has happened to me more time than I care to remember, but finally there is a Xiaomi Mi2S shaped solution! Chinese phone maker Daxian have been demoing their new N100. At first glance it looks like a cheap knock off of the popular Mi2S, but on closer inspection it has a very interesting new feature! A built-in mains plug for charging!

daxian android phone

Removing the rear case of the N100i allows a 2 prong plug to be folded in to place meaning you can charge this phone anywhere there is a mains socket! No need to carry a USB cable and adapter!

Usually innovation comes at a price, but the N100i costs just 470 Yuan ($76)! The rest of the specs include a 1Ghz Mediatek MT6517 processor, 800 x 480 4.3-inch display, 4GB memory, 3.1 mega-pixel rear camera and 1800mAh battery.

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