Oppo N1 coming September, Find 7 2014!

Oppo N1 coming September, Find 7 2014!


Oppo have been pretty forthcoming about the Oppo N1 and now they are even disclosing details about the Oppo Find 7.

An Oppo fan, or Ofan as they like to be known, asked Oppo on their official Google+ page when the Oppo N1 and Oppo Find 7 would launch. Usually questions like these would be ignored or brushed under the carpet, but Oppo have actually gone on the record and given an answer!

Oppo representatives replied saying the Oppo N1 will launch this year (we actually already know the launch date is 23rd of September) and they also went on to say the Oppo Find 7 will go on sale late 2014!

We’ve heard plenty about the Oppo N1 and seen the leaked motherboard and Snagpdragon 800 processor, plus actual photos of the the device in the wild, but the Find 7 is still a mystery!

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  • Hi does this work in Europe, much and where can i buy it.

  • Simon
  • terry

    Its not even 4g.. what a waste of excitement oppo. they add sd card and minus 4g so I think its mainly focused on countries without 4g network. I reckon oppo find 7 will be 4g but without sd card. I’ve been waiting for oppo to announce some thing amazing but what a let down.

    • Allanitomwesh

      Specs haven’t been announced,so don’t cook assumptions just yet.