Oppo N1 Teaser Video: Oppo is a CyanogenMod hardware partner!

Chinese phone maker Oppo will be announced as a Cyanogenmod hardware partner this Monday at the Oppo N1 launch event!

In less than a year, Oppo have become one of the most respected hardware makers of any, and a company which is eager to be involved with their fans! Oppo have also always strived to be as open as possible with the phones and kernels to help developers, but with the Oppo N1 launch they are going to show that they are willing to go step further!

Teaser video 5 of the Oppo N1 promotion is short and straight to the point. Watch it below.

Oppo N1 teaser video 5

In the video you just saw Cyanogenmod founder Steve Kondik telling us how he will be attending the Oppo N1 launch event, and teases they have exciting news! It looks certain Oppo and CyanogenMod have teamed up, let’s see who else will join!

[ Oppo ]
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