Oppo N1 Teaser Video: Oppo is a CyanogenMod hardware partner!

Oppo N1 Teaser Video: Oppo is a CyanogenMod hardware partner!


Chinese phone maker Oppo will be announced as a Cyanogenmod hardware partner this Monday at the Oppo N1 launch event!

In less than a year, Oppo have become one of the most respected hardware makers of any, and a company which is eager to be involved with their fans! Oppo have also always strived to be as open as possible with the phones and kernels to help developers, but with the Oppo N1 launch they are going to show that they are willing to go step further!

Teaser video 5 of the Oppo N1 promotion is short and straight to the point. Watch it below.

Oppo N1 teaser video 5

In the video you just saw Cyanogenmod founder Steve Kondik telling us how he will be attending the Oppo N1 launch event, and teases they have exciting news! It looks certain Oppo and CyanogenMod have teamed up, let’s see who else will join!

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  • Spyros

    From insta-hate to insta-love , with a simple software switch ! Man i really like cyanogen , but i hate the screen size (if its the one suggested by the leaks)

    • Find 5 and (a long shot) the R819 have smaller screen sizes

      • Allanitomwesh

        This is correct.R819 is a very good size,(4.7″ with 7mm thin) but a CM dev who has one said the problem is not OPPO but Mediatek,who are not as open as Qualcomm.

  • Konged

    I wonder whether this will also work for bbk’s other devices like xplay

    • hven

      I really wish so

  • joe

    To be fair, Color Rom is pretty fucking sweet already I own an oppo find 5.

  • anony

    Now if they release worthy phone with SD slot they’ll be my favorite.

  • Alan

    compare the complete device measurements that whats matters not the screen size if the oppo is just 3 mm wider it probably will not make so muach difference to a phone that has a 5 inch screen but packs the same incredable large size like xiaomi for example.

    • anony

      Compared to what? and where did you get that it’s only 3mm wider? I’d say bs.

      • Airyl

        Everytime I see an article on Gizchina about phablets, I predict that there will be a hate comment by Anony in it. As usual I’m right. Lighten up bro, just because you don’t like huge devices doesn’t mean they’re horrible.

  • yogi

    Oppo made big Mistake
    They should have Gone to Slimbean or Rainbox Rom
    They are the next gen developers.
    Very appliance type approach to developing Rom
    ever tried them ANDI

  • Simon

    Where exactly is the event on Monday taking place ?

  • dino

    I find it funny whn ppl use those ugly google glasses kind of reminds
    Me of monkey see monkey do

    • Airyl

      If I had a pair of Google Glass, I’d be wearing it all the time as well.