Tegra 4 Xiaomi Mi3 October, Snapdragon 800 model November?

Many of are patiently waiting for the Xiaomi Mi3 to go on sale and while October is the date we hope to buy the new phone, it could be in for a much longer wait!

Anyone who has followed the Xiaomi Mi3 launch will know that 2 models of the phone are introduced. There will be an Nvidia Tegra 4 version of the phone which will only work on China Mobile’s 3G network and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 version which will support China Unicom, and most European countries also!

It looks as though Xiaomi will be selling the China Mobile version first in October, with the more sought-after Snapdragon 800 model sales not starting until November! From past experience this could mean a serious Mi3 shortage unit early 2014!

Are you willing to wait until next year to get your hands on an Mi3, or will you go for one of the rival phone from Meizu or Oppo?

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